Homemade Mothers Day Gifts with Flowers

Posted on May 7, 2011

Sometimes the best Mother’s Day gifts are homemade! Here, we’ve got 3 great homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas for those that want to add a little home-iness to their presents:

Flower Cones for Mother’s Day Bouquets

Make a cone for a homemade Mothers Day gift! These cones make it easy to hang a bouquet of flowers on mom’s door in the morning, and it’s a beautiful way to present her with a Mother’s Day gift. To make them, cut some medium-weight paper or cardstock into a perfect square (7x7 inches for small bouquets, and 9x9 for larger bouquets). Decorate 2 edges with decorative scissors or markers, and roll into a cone with decorated sides making the cone face. Secure the outer flap of the cone with craft glue. Punch 6-8 holes in the top of the cone, beginning at top front center, 1 inch apart. Threat a long ribbon through the holes and tie a bow at the front, leaving a long loop in the back to hang your homemade Mothers Day flower cone.

Personalized Tags for Flowers

Another great homemade Mother’s Day gift idea is to create personalized tags to insert into flower pots or bouquets, like these. It’s a wonderful way to make flowers special, and that extra effort shows how much you care! Use some cardstock to trace out the shape of your tag, and use it to write something about the flowers you’re giving her: their Latin name, origins, care instructions, or why you chose them for her (“I know you love the color purple!”). For extra weather-ability, you can laminate your tags. Tuck them into a flower pot or a bouquet of flowers, and present your homemade Mother’s Day gift to Mom on her special day!

Pressed Flowers Decoupage Crafts

Pressed flowers make wonderful homemade mothers day gifts Save flowers from wilted bouquets and place them between 2 sheets of paper. Place the pressed flowers inside a heavy hardcover book, and pile more books on top. In several weeks, you’ll have beautiful dried and pressed flowers perfect for a homemade Mother’s Day decoupage gift! Using liquid decoupage, paste dried flowers to things like candles, birdhouses, clocks, vases, candle holders, or clay pots for perfectly lovely homemade Mother’s Day gifts. Don’t forget to let them dry first! *Note: For this craft, you can use pressed flowers saved from last year’s Mother’s Day! You can learn how to press this year’s flowers in our post: Pressing Flowers & Preserving the Memories. To order flowers for Mother's Day, visit our selection of Mother's Day flowers! Order Mother's Day flower delivery, and surprise her with a gorgeous flower arrangement to go with your homemade gift.

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