Home Staging with Flowers

Posted on October 23, 2010

Floral interior staging can be one of the most successful ways to showcase a beautiful home. Adding fresh flowers to your environment can act as an instant room freshener on a day when opening the windows may not be a viable option. It also adds that unexpected touch of saturated color one might not expect. This arrangement of pink roses, pink lilies, and green ribbon accents in a square vase are perfect for home staging with flowers

Home Staging Tips

When showcasing a room, in addition to home staging with flowers, it is also important to take all the elements of a sale-worthy home into consideration:
  • De-clutter! Keep horizontal surfaces free of papers, small personal effects and items that can act as dust-magnets. You’re going for a light, airy area that showcases lots of space.
  • De-personalize. When you’re looking to make your home appeal to someone else, you want them to imagine their own possessions in that area. As adorable as you think your child’s artwork is on the fridge, now is the time to store it away for the future.
  • Home staging tips from experts will recommend identifying the focal point in a room and highlighting it. When you walk into a room, see what immediately draws your eye. Oftentimes this is a fireplace or a large table…and is the perfect place for a large seasonal arrangement of stunning flowers.
  • A straightforward home staging idea is sometimes the most obvious: keep your space remarkably clean. This can be the most difficult aspect to maintain on a day-to-day basis…but it can ultimately make the difference between a sale and a pass. The idea is to project your home as the perfect living space for someone else and even though most of us are not neat-freaks, many of us strive to keep an orderly environment.
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers! Place a small vase on the bathroom vanity, another on the dresser in the guest room or office and don’t forget a lovely, fragrant arrangement on the kitchen counter.
  • Light the way. Keep rooms well-lit, with blinds and drapes open. You don’t want people thinking you’re trying to hide some major imperfection.
  • Consider the tunes. Some soothing background music can do wonders for adding the right ambience to your home. And avoid blaring TVs…it doesn’t scream “homey”…it just screams!
A unique arrangement of pink tulips set in a rectangular vase filled with white rocks are great for floral interior staging

Floral Interior Staging

House staging with flowers can be an inexpensive way to produce a substantial payoff. The bonus of being able to enjoy the beauty, glorious fragrance and mood-lifting properties every day is just the icing on the cake…and will hopefully result in more dollars in your pocket. Pretty hot pink roses in a square vase with green accents make an arrangment for house staging with flowers

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