Holiday Flowers For Your Gift This Year

Posted on October 28, 2009

This Holiday Season's Flowers

Holiday flowers convey that warm nostalgic feeling of the holiday season.  Flowers have the unique ability to bring us back to a moment or a time or create a new memory that stays with us for years to come. If you close your eyes, perhaps you'll recall a time when you felt toasty by the fireplace or happy by your loved one.  Holiday season flowers conjure up such emotions and that's why they make the perfect holiday gift whether for someone you've just met or for someone who you feel like you've known your whole life. holiday-flower-arrangement

Holiday Flowers Ideas for Different People in Your Life

The versatility of holiday flowers makes them an ideal gift for family, coworkers or the sweet person at the grocery store.  Here are some suggestions for this holiday season's flowers for that special person in your life.

Holiday Flowers for Parents or In-laws

When considering holiday season flowers for your parents or in-laws, you may go one of two ways.  On the one hand, you may want to get holiday candy or flowers that evoke that "cinnamon apple-pie baking in the oven" feeling; such as poinsettias adorned with pine cones or holly.  You may also consider an elegant and sophisticated holiday flower arrangement such as cymbidium orchids.  These holiday flowers come in white, yellow and light green and there is a nice selection of these holiday flowers in the winter. holiday-candy1

Holiday Flowers for Your Partner

Perhaps you've thought about getting a beautiful red rose bouquet for your spouse this holiday season.   Somehow this classic gesture never loses its magic.  Another thought is a pink lily bouquet.  For the man in your life, a unique holiday flower arrangement may include vibrant colors such as red, yellow and orange.  Another idea is to use colors of favorite sports team. white-holiday-flowers

Holiday Flowers for Friends and Neighbors

For your neighbors or friends, consider holiday season flowers that are simple and fun.  Gerber daisies or gerberas are available in numerous colors, making them perfect for fall and winter holiday flower arrangements.  Being so versatile, they can also be combined with roses and tulips for a beautiful holiday bouquet. holiday-flower-centerpiece

Holiday Flowers for Grandparents

For holiday flowers for grandparents, one can never go wrong with tried and true holiday flowers.  The creativity that goes into poinsettia arrangements today is remarkable.  Another idea if you'd like to send holiday flowers that are a little different is something warm and sunny. holiday-flowers-white-roses

Holiday Flowers for your Son or Daughter

When giving the light of your life holiday flowers, you may consider something eclectic or with different splashes of color such as blue or purple.  White calla lilies or blue anemones are a sophisticated wintery combination.  As mentioned before, consider different colors, since there's a good chance your son or daughter will appreciate your originality. this-holiday-season-flowers1

Holiday Flowers for Co-workers

If you'd like to buy holiday season flowers for several coworkers or the office, a great choice is always amaryllis.  The variety of colors ranging from white to mahogany to magenta ensures that every co-worker can get a different holiday flower arrangement.  Some amaryllis even have more than one color combination.  Combing single amaryllis with other holiday season flowers create a classically attractive holiday flower arrangement. holiday-season-amaryllis Last but certainly not least, the best person to buy holiday flowers for is Yourself!  During the holiday season, flowers support the sense of peace and warmth in the air.  But the holiday season can also be somewhat stressful at times. Having flowers in your home have been shown to have a number of health effects.  For more about the benefits of flowers and office plants, check out last week's post.  Here's to a happy start to the holiday season! holiday-season-flowers holiday-gift-basket1 holiday-season-flowers-and-fruitholiday-flowers-lilies

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