Hanukkah Flowers for Next Week

Posted on December 11, 2009

Hanukkah Decorations if You're Running Out of Ideas

Hanukkah flowers are a wonderful way to usher in the eight days of Hanukkah this year, which begins at sundown this Friday.  If you're like many of us, you're most likely scrambling to get Hanukkah decorations completed and perhaps you are running out of ideas.  Flowers add a beautifully fresh look to your home and your Hanukkah décor.  Here are some thoughts for Hanukkah flowers and decorations...

Hanukkah Flower Arrangements in Blue & White

hanukkah-flowersWhen creating Hanukkah flower arrangements, we often make use of the colors blue and white.  The vibrant hues of blue irises in contrast with white lilies make for a beautiful bouquet.  White roses with splashes of a dark blue flower such as anemones may also add a bold look to your Hanukkah decoration or table centerpiece.  Or consider the beautiful combination of all white roses with a few blue ornaments; this is a fun and festive way to wish someone a happy Hanukkah.   These colors also create a beautiful wintery look.

Hanukkah Flowers & Gift Ideas

Seeing as there are eight nights when gifts are exchanged, perhaps one of these nights you may like to present a stunning Hanukkah flower arrangement.  If it's near the start of Hanukkah, you may consider a Hanukkah flower centerpiece with candles to decorate the dinner table.  An hanukkah-decorations1interesting Hanukkah flower arrangement we call Winter Blues combines green and cream roses, white freesia, blue muscari and blue ornaments. It's also possible to add a holiday gift basket as a gift idea or in combination with Hanukkah flowers.

Last Minute Hanukkah Flowers

And don't worry if you're just starting to think about Hanukkah decorations.  Our last minute flower deliveries to your home will make sure you're ready in time for dinner or that you'll have the perfect last minute gift. And we'd love to hear your creative ideas for decorating your home for Hanukkah or your ideas for Hanukkah flowers - leave us a comment and Happy Hanukkah! hanukkah-flower-arrangements

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