Halloween Flowers: A Treat for the Season

Posted on October 15, 2010

When you think of Halloween, your first thought might not be of flowers.  And if so, you’re missing a golden opportunity to add some delightful, trendy ambiance to your autumn décor. Why not consider a centerpiece of Halloween flowers to add that final touch of spooky atmosphere to your home? An orange pumpkin sitting in a front of purple, red, and yellow fall flowers showing this is the time of year to send Halloween flowers
  • Consider using a hollowed-out pumpkin as a vase and filling it with an autumnal blend of blossoms for a jaw-dropping centerpiece of flowers for Halloween on a table
  • Take a small cylindrical vase and place it inside a larger, clear glass vase. Fill the small vase with blooms of orange, yellow and introduce some gnarly twigs (painted black) to complete the look. Then fill the space in between the small vase and the larger one with candy corn. Voila! An instant hit!
  • How about a lovely fall-inspired arrangement nestled in an orange paper bag? Your little ones can draw a scary jack-‘o-lantern face on the bag for extra spookiness.
  • For a truly unique blend of colors, try a Halloween flower arrangement of bright green foliage with a mixture of miniature black pumpkins that’ll be as wild as the wicked witch of the west! An eye-popping treat no-one will expect!
A fall arrangment of orangy pink lilys with ribbon accents, in a square glass vase with orange beads perfect Halloween flowers
  • Think about taking the itsy-bitsy spider to a new level by using an arrangement featuring a sunflower in the center, surrounded by the golden glow of chrysanthemums. By simply adding some small stick-on roly-poly eyes to the center of that sunflower and some pipe cleaners for long, spindly legs around the edges,(available at your local craft store) you will have transformed an ordinary bloom into a look that will rival any costume!
  • For a truly elegant look with just a hint of understated ghostly influence, try the less-is-more approach: A small blend of Halloween-inspired blossoms, mixed with some curly willow branches in a clear glass vase…with the branches entwined and gnarly below the water’s surface. You could also include a small, waterproof spider amongst the twists and curves for a creepy surprise!
Brightly colored fall sunflowers, yellow lilies, and orange red roses in a ribbon filled square vase make flowers for Halloween This Halloween, why not surprise a special one in your life and send Halloween flowers. It’s one Halloween surprise they’re sure to enjoy.

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