Get Well Flowers and Gifts

Posted on November 6, 2010

The best get-well flowers and gifts are unique, personalized messages to the recipient…reminding them that while we can’t always be with them, they are never far from our thoughts. We want the gift we send to lift their spirits and, if we’re lucky, help to give them a temporary respite from their strife.  Fresh flower arrangements are always a thoughtful choice…the gentle fragrance and bright colors in the bouquet are an instant mood lift. Combining get well flowers and gifts together is an excellent way to provide that extra-special touch that will ensure your recipient will be on the road to recovery in no time. Consider one of these unique combinations for your next floral delivery: These white calla lillies tall and long with green accents in a round tall vase make the perfect get well flowers and gifts
  • In addition to a lovely perfumed bouquet, try adding a bestselling paperback book, some herbal tea and perhaps a charming coffee mug as well. It will memorably send the message that you’ve given this gift special consideration.
  • Consider supplementing your get well flowers delivery with an assortment of things to remind them of the summertime. A clay pot filled with some sweet flower seeds and some miniature gardening tools can be a way for the recipient to look towards the future when they’re feeling better, or motivate them to get a jump start on growing and nurturing something right away.
  • How about a brightly-colored floral gift basket accompanied by some quiet activities that require concentration…possibly taking their mind off their ailment? I’d suggest a board game like MASTERMIND or Chess to create some serious distraction.  Add to the game theme by throwing in some crossword puzzles or some word search games. It’s guaranteed to keep boredom at bay!
  • No get well flower delivery would be complete without something sweet. Consider including an assortment of cough drops to comfort a dry throat and some reusable heat packs for those achy joints. Top this off with some comforting bath salts in the gentle aroma of jasmine and lavender and you will have covered all their needs.
  • For that special guy who’s feeling under the weather, consider a variety of sports or automobile publications, combined with an assortment of nuts and topped off with a universal remote control. He’ll thank you for it.
Orange roses and lillies with white hydrangea and green ribbons in a square vase with stones make a great get well flowers delivery gift

Send Get Well Flowers to Cheer Them Up

When you send get well flowers, you’re letting someone know you’re thinking of them…and want to brighten their day and allow them to focus on a sunnier future.  What better way to accomplish this than with a customized gift that shows you’ve put some serious thought into items that will complement their road to recovery. This stunning white orchid get well flowers gift comes in a donut shaped vase with delicate stems and white stones And don’t forget that the best get well floral gifts delivered will happen when you yourself come as part of the delivery package. Taking the time to sit down and catch up with your friend or loved one will ultimately give them the greatest gift of all: the gift of your time. It’s sure to be appreciated and remembered long after their recovery.

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