Get Vertical: Urban Gardening Ideas

Posted on July 7, 2011

First off, I’d like to brag about my job a little bit: not only to I have the pleasure of designing floral arrangements for so many wonderful New Yorkers, but I also have the pleasure of visiting homes and offices around Manhattan and designing Interiorscapes for their space. I’ve seen so many different spaces in urban interior landscapes (big, small, modern, traditional, etc), and I love bringing plants into peoples’ lives. Personally, I don’t have a whole lot of space to work with in my apartment. This is a common theme in New York City, so I try to continuously research innovative ways to install plants in small urban spaces like NYC apartments. I also have an obsession with a fundraising site called and on Kickstarter, I stumbled upon a fantastic interior landscaping project called Urbio Urban Vertical Garden.

Urbio Urban Vertical Garden from Enlisted Design The design of these urban vertical gardens is clean and modern and extremely adaptable to any space. They are freestanding and magnetic, so you could use them as a table piece and then stick them back up on your vertical garden. You could easily use Urbio vertical gardens for fresh flowers, green plants, or herbs. These nifty indoor gardening solutions are still in the manufacturing process, so they are only available for preorder through the company’s website. Do you have your own plans for an urban gardening project? Whatever you’d like for your project, you can give Big Apple Florist a call and have one of our Interiorscape designers come to take a look at your space. We can create the perfect interior landscape design and provide you with a proposal, complete with pictures and pricing for various plant suggestions and container options. Or, if you're looking for your own urban gardening ideas, you can visit Urbio's Facebook page for more inspiration!

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