Funeral Flower Arrangements for NYC's Loved & Lost

Posted on September 24, 2012

Funeral Flower Arrangements Delivered in NYC

funeral-flower-arrangements-nyc We love making special moments for our customers by giving them flowers that mark those special occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, and congratulations! We also realize that there come times when we need to honor those times that aren't so joyful, but remorseful. We have many beautiful, wreaths, sprays, baskets and funeral flower arrangements for families and friends of the deceased in NYC. There is nothing as comforting as walking into a funeral home and getting a warm and comforting feeling as you say goodbye to those you loved. A beautiful church or a simple funeral home can be embraced with adorning funeral flower arrangements to help warm up the NYC space. Funeral flower arrangements always make those days a little brighter because the family can see everyone who admired the person as much as they did. Typically, when getting funeral flowers delivered, NYC’s Big Apple Florist suggests sending a funeral spray or basket. We have several options here.

Cultural Differences in Funerals

A lot of times, we will get calls from companies that are sending funeral flower arrangements in NYC in honor of a colleague’s family. sympathy-flowers-deliveredFor the family of the deceased, having these baskets, sprays, or funeral flowers delivered is a wonderful way for those NYC friends or coworkers to be there in spirit. Since funerals are a very sensitive time in peoples’ lives, we respect cultural differences when sending sympathy flowers, fruit, or food to the funeral home and families at their residences.  
  • Protestant and Roman Catholic Funerals: The service is with three days of the death and appropriate gifts to the family include flowers and letters of condolences. Funeral flower arrangements are generally the most popular for this type of religious passing. Fruit and gourmet baskets can be sent as well to the residence of the family who has experienced this passing.
  • Buddhist Funerals: Funerals are considered a celebration for the body is descending into their next incarnation of eternal bliss. Buddhist tend to receive funeral flower arrangements and food baskets are considered inappropriate.
  • Hindu Funerals: Typically held within 24 hours of the death. Funeral flower arrangements are laid at the feet of the deceased and gifts such as flowers or fruit are given to the grieving family.
  • Jewish Funerals: The burial is within 24 hours of the death and only the family may attend the burial. They have a seven day mourning period known as Shivah where they can receive kosher foods. Floral gifts are considered inappropriate.
  • Muslim Funerals: There is a three day mourning period where food is given to the family, but having funeral flowers delivered or given to the family is considered inappropriate.
We all love getting flowers on special days, but other times, its necessary to give flowers for appreciation and remembrance. Next time a coworker or close friend loses someone dear to them, make sure to send a thought or prayer or a fruit & gourmet basket or have sympathy flowers delivered if appropriate.


If you're in need of funeral flower arrangements in NYC, you may call us at 212-687-3434 or contact us by email. Interested in what else Big Apple Florist has to offer for specific occasions? Read more here!  

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