Fresh vs Artificial Flower Arrangements

Posted on July 9, 2010

There are many spin-offs of the real thing in numerous industries.  It is difficult to match or even come close to the look and feel of the real thing.  Think of the differences between wool and cashmere, glass and crystal, pleather and genuine leather.  The same holds true when comparing fresh flowers to artificial flower arrangements.  Fresh flower arrangements have a unique quality and evoke feelings and emotional connections that are impossible to achieve with artificial flowers. Fresh vs Artificial Flowers this pink and green arrangement with branch accents makes the choice clear

Fresh Flower Centerpieces:  Intoxicate the Senses with Real Tactile Beauty

Guests at your event will be within sensory reach of the floral table centerpieces and other arrangements, so it is best to give them a real experience.  Artificial flowers arrangements have no little impact on the senses.  On the other hand, fresh flower arrangements have many effects on the senses, such as:
  • Touch:  The feel of a real flower is soft, supple, and delicate.  This velvet smooth surface is attractive and appealing and can invigorate.
  • Smell:  The fragrances of fresh arrangements fill the air.  With the vast variety of scents that flowers can produce, fresh flower arrangements can be paired to enhance meals, set a specific mood, or used as a conversation piece.
  • Sight:  Color selection is endless.  With a plethora of flowers to choose from, in varying shades in every color imaginable, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to fresh flower arrangements.  Not only will you have variety, but fresh flowers in photographs and videos look more natural then artificial flower arrangements.  This is because the details, intricacy, and structural nature of real flowers cannot be matched with the artificial ones.
  • Taste:  Certain varieties of fresh flowers are edible; this is certainly not the case with artificial flowers.  From mild to robust flavors, adding edible flowers to a plate adds beauty and unique flavoring.
Fresh flower arrangements also have an impact on moods and mental health that artificial flower arrangements just do not possess.  For example:
  • Emotions:  Fresh flowers simply put, make people happy and can enhance the connections between people.
  • Health:  Studies have shown decreased levels of anxiety, increased energy, and elevated moods occurring in the presence of flowers.
  • Memory:  Fresh flowers arrangements can be dried and saved as a memento of that special event or occasion.  Smell and sight can also have a strong impact on sparking memories of the past.
Artificial flower arrangements cannot compare to this pale pink and hot pink rose arrangement

Real Flower Arrangements for Every Occassion

Many are under the assumption that creating artificial flower bouquets is a more cost effective alternative to fresh flower arrangements.  High quality artificial flowers which attempt to mimic fresh flowers can cost the same as real flowers.  When you consider this and all the benefits of fresh flower arrangements, it is easy to see that fresh flowers are the clear winner. Fresh flower centerpieces in purple, pinks, pale orange and green accents in a square vase We love to hear stories about how fresh flowers arrangements made your occasion feel all the more special.  We invite you to share with us your fresh flower tales.  Tell us what your guest said about how the flowers looked and made them feel.

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