Flowers, Fruits and Vegetable Unique Floral Arrangements

Posted on March 17, 2010

Floral Fruit & Vegetable Design

As we have mentioned, we feel it is important to match our unique floral arrangements according to the season, and to incorporate seasonal elements as well.  Our favorite seasonal element to incorporate into our custom floral arrangements is… drum roll…. Fruits and vegetables!  Plums, peaches, apples, pumpkins, squash, grapes, you name it, we can use it!

Fruit and Flowers Bouquets Yellow Roses and Squash

Fresh produce adds that extra level to floral décor; by ‘level’ we mean detail, texture, and obviously, an overall extra element that further highlights the talent and skills of our floral designers.  And, what is nice about using fruits and veggies is that you can use all different kinds throughout all four seasons, you can mix and match, and it adds another element of color to already unique floral arrangements!  Using produce in your floral décor will surprise guests and all who see it because while it is unexpected, it is always naturally beautiful.  Fruit and vegetables are a great way to spruce up your floral arrangement and make it stand out from others.

Floral Fruit Arrangements Yellow Roses and Green Apples

Still Life Paintings & Floral Arrangements

Produce in your unique floral arrangements not only highlights and compliments the colors of the flowers, but it is reminiscent of certain still life paintings, such as Claude Monet's Flowers & Fruit from 1869 (shown below).  Artists have depicted the notion of fruit and vegetables floral arrangements as a way to emphasize the beauty of natural elements of life.

Fruit & Flowers, Claude Monet, 1869

Make sure when you call Big Apple’s New York City florist shop for your next unique floral arrangement to inquire about which fruits and veggies would be ideal for your purchase.



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