Flowers for Men

Posted on July 1, 2010

Flowers are for everyone.  Gone are the days when flowers were considered gifts for only women and here are the days when flowers can be the perfect gift for a man.  In fact, in a study conducted by the Society of American Florists, over 60% of men surveyed said that they would like to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day.  Flowers for men are great for any occasion, so when you need a gift for that hard to buy for man in your life, look no further than your local florist shop.

Flowers for Men in bright yellows and reds with greenery accents

Flower Arrangements for Men

Like any gift of flowers, the receiver tastes and preferences need to be taken into consideration.  This is no less the case when creating flower arrangements for men.  Everyone has a favorite flower or favorite color and thinking about what those are can be a simple way to find flowers for men that suit him in every way.  Here are some suggestions for flowers for men:
  • Stick to single color flower arrangements: Many men prefer flowers that are monochromatic and these types of flower arrangements are a popular new trend right now, making your gift a  cutting-edge one.  Flowers such as orchids or tulips, that are hard-edge and graphic are perfect for flower arrangements for men because they create a clean design when grouped together.
  • Think bright and bold: Instead of tonally subtle arrangements like pale pinks or yellows, go for strikingly bright arrangements in vibrant colors.  Men typically find these colors to be more appealing and alluring.  Arrangements of sunflowers, daisies, lilies, tulips, and irises all come in a vast array of highly intense and pigmented colors.
  • Try some tropical flowers: Men are more often attracted to the unique and linear structure of these species.  Exotic tropical flowers such as birds of paradise, hibiscus, heliconia, plumeria, and bougainvillea all stand out from the rest.
  • Keep it simple:  When you are feeling uncertain, short stem roses can be a solid winner.  Coming in a variety of shades and meaning, you can either select flowers for men that come in his favorite color, or match the flower meaning with the emotion you are conveying with the gift.  Short stem roses flower arrangements for men offer up a well balanced, traditional design.
  • Add some natural elements:  Adding greenery, birch bark, branches, or other natural floral materials can create architectural structure to a flower arrangement for men.  In addition, it makes for a more unique design that can be specifically tailored to the individuals tastes.
  • Think about the scent:  Smells can be very powerful and charming forces.  Scents that are appealing but not too sweet, like those from orange blossoms, magnolias, or lily-of-the-valley are solid choices.  If smells play a strong role in the man’s world, stick to woody flowers like azaleas, lavender, narcissus, orchids, and peonies or spicy flowers like carnations, daffodils, gardenia, hydrangea, and sunflowers.
  • Use unusual containers:  Think utilitarian, architectural or form-based containers for flower arrangements for men.  Square vases, metal container, jelly jars, and alternative designs all make great vessels for the flowers for men.

Flower Arrangements for Men with colorful orchids and greenery in a square architectural vase

Sending Flowers to Men

So go ahead, celebrate a work related success, wish a man in your life a happy birthday, or just send flowers to a man because he deserves it.  Flowers help elevate moods, have universal appeal, and bring a smile to the receiver’s face, no matter what gender they are.  When you receive flowers, you are being acknowledged, and everyone loves being appreciated.  It is no secret to Big Apple Florist that men love flowers and we are well versed in creating flower arrangements for men that they will be delighted with.  Contact our New York City florist shop and let us know what type of flowers for men you need for that special someone.

Mens Flowers in bright orangy-red - a tall linear plant in a square vase

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