Flowers for Home Entertaining

Posted on March 17, 2010

Dinner Party Floral Arrangements

Dinner parties are a great way to unwind from a long week and spend quality time with friends and loved ones.  What better way to make a splash at your next dinner party then with beautiful floral arrangements and flowers for your home entertaining.  Here are some tips and suggestions for making your next dinner party a big hit.


Unique Floral Arrangements for Your Guests

With so many options to choose from, you can keep thing simple and opt for a traditional floral table centerpiece.  When selecting dinner party floral arrangements, keep in mind, the best flowers for home entertaining are ones that do not interfere with the seating arrangement.  Even if you choose a shorter arrangement, you can still create an awkward setting where guests have to move their heads to converse with the people around the table.  Be sure to select the right size flowers for your home entertaining and put the unique floral arrangement in a place where conversations can flow freely.


For a non-traditional approach to dinner party floral arrangements, create multiple unique floral arrangements and place them in front of each guest’s plate.  These can be floral bouquets that are hand selected for each guest, a single flower in a vase that is the guest’s favorite flower, or floral arrangements that honor the guest’s spirit and personality.  Colorful assortments of red roses and pink orchids are perfect for that spit fire friend.  For the kind and simple friend, a sunny and bright yellow floral bouquet of cymbidium orchids, veronicas, and freesia. Creative friends will enjoy and funky floral arrangement of orange cymbidium orchids, parrot tulips and amaryllis.  The great thing about these unique floral arrangements is that your guests can take them home and enjoy them for days to come.


Dinner Party Flower Arrangements

Flowers for home entertaining are just as important as the menu and the place settings.  Consider the fragrance of the flowers and decide if it will interfere or enhance the meal.  You do not want your guests to be overpowered by the floral arrangements.  As you would pair fine wine or micro-brewed beer with your meals, pair your flower arrangements with what you are serving.  Switch out the dinner party floral arrangements for each course and wow guests with the style and sophistication that has gone into the preparation.


For the appetizer, start off by dazzling your guests with a unique floral arrangement of dogwood, amaryllis, cabbage, orchids and freesia with two-toned magnolia leaves.  Tulips, pink roses, cymbidium orchids, and muscari can balance a spicy main course.  When fusing flavors, flowers in a dinner party floral arrangement of bright cymbidium orchids, gloriosa lilies and calla lilies can accompany the eclectic mix.  For more traditional and simple fare, add a glimmer of color with roses and tulips with a birch bark wrapped vase. Of course, do not leave out the dessert.  Deep red roses are a perfect accessory to the delicious richness of chocolate.


The next time you need dinner party floral arrangements, make your party go off without a hitch and preorder flowers online in advance; have a perfect evening that both you and your guests can enjoy!

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