Flower Wedding Favors

Posted on October 8, 2010

Flower wedding favors can be a unique opportunity for the bride and groom to send their guests home with a creative, timeless memory of their special day. Imagine how delighted guests will be to depart this exceptional event with a lasting, fragrant reminder in the form of floral wedding favors. Wedding party favors like this black gift box with a pink bow holding down a single magnolia flower is perfect for guests Here at Big Apple, our Specialized Wedding Florists and Event Planners often meet brides with some inspired ways to incorporate our exquisite blooms with their own unique style of giving. Below are some creative options for flower wedding favors:
  • How could you not smile when receiving a delicate box, topped with a single perfect bloom and the seeds of that same flower inside?  The perfect way to perpetuate the beauty and fond memories of a truly remarkable day. Another option is filling the box with assorted candies.
  • Consider wrapping the base of a vibrant Amaryllis (or other small plant) in some elegant lace or tulle and tie with a bow which is color-coordinated to your wedding colors. Guests will enjoy a living reminder of how much they enjoyed your lovely affair.
  • A miniature personalized watering can filled with selected flowers from your wedding theme makes a delightful wedding favor. This sweet little item can be reused as an impromptu candy dish, a mini-planter, or can be a decorative addition to any room on its own.
  • Create a mini-sachet, filled with fragrant potpourri and cinched with several delicate miniature roses. They’re perfect for dresser drawers, closets or anywhere you’d like the subtle infusion of fragrance.
  • Simplicity at its best: Take a miniature satin-sheen vase and add a singular, perfect-stemmed bud. Tasteful…elegant…understated. Guests will re-use this stylish gift for years to come.
This single yellow sunflower in a tall circular glass vase makes a perfect wedding favor flowers No matter which option you choose, consider floral wedding favors for your big day. Your guests will thank you for it.

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