Flower Vase Design

Posted on December 18, 2010

With the seasons turning cooler and many of us spending more time indoors, it’s nice to think of ways to bring the outside in. One way to achieve this is with a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers in a dazzling flower vase design. Finding the perfect decorative vases can complement the décor of any room and add elegance, grace and tons of style.

Start With the Perfect Floral Arrangement

Orange and Red roses in a beautiful flower vase design Whether it’s for a special occasion, or simply to brighten your (or someone else’s) day, the striking beauty and delicate fragrance of cut flowers, such as these lovely circus roses in a unique vase will bring that touch of elegance and refinement to any space. Vivid and elegant, this stunning floral vase by Waterford is a showpiece on its own. When paired with a floral arrangement featuring the vibrant colors found in this limited-edition piece, the look is flawless. This Monet-inspired floral vase will add timeless beauty to any space. Evolution Waterlily Design 9” Vase If you’re into antique flower vases, you might want to consider this striking, four-footed sterling silver piece made by Gorham & Co. With its delicate monogramming and enduring sophistication, it will continue to stand the test of time for generations to come. Antique four-footed flower vase in silver-1868 - unusual vase For unsurpassed and timeless beauty, nothing fits the bill quite like this Honeycomb crystal vase from Steuben. Combining both smooth and cut crystal design, the swirling circular pattern on this crystal flower vase creates a striking focal point for any table. It’s perfect for the understated elegance of a single floral bloom, demonstrating that oftentimes less is definitely more. Elegant Honeycomb Bud Vase by Steuben To add a metallic touch, consider this Nambe modern decorative vase, designed by Lou Henry. The Aquila pattern was named for the eagle said to belong to Zeus. The unique Nambe metal allow contains no pewter, silver or lead…but has the strength of iron and the luster of silver. It doesn’t rust, chip or crack making it ideal to hold that striking floral table centerpiece arrangement. Nambe Aquila stunning unusual Vase (Metal) For an impressive concept in a wood vase, this original wood veneer vessel created by Colin Schleeh is sure to draw a crowd. This unusual vase has a unique shape and has the distinction of being one of the few decorative vases made of wood to be able to hold water. Dramatic walnut wood vase designed by Colin Schleeh No matter what your taste or budget, an artfully-placed flower vase design in a decorative vase that reflects your individual style can bring color, warmth and sophistication to turn you room from ordinary to extraordinary.

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