Flower Trends 2011

Posted on January 12, 2011

With another year before us, you may be wondering what the hottest floral trends will be for 2011. Maybe you have a wedding in your future, or maybe you are a lover of flowers and like to keep your arrangements cutting-edge. Regardless, the trendy flowers for 2011 will feature colors of hot pink, carrot orange and lime green…colors of the tropics, for that festive exciting look.  You can almost feel the tropical breezes and hear the gentle waves of the surf as you’ll gaze at the joyful combination of color and texture in this year’s new floral trends. Mix of shades of white roses and carnations mixed with accents of grey branches and pale green leaves are some of the flower trends for 2011

Trendy Flowers: Spectacular Color and Designs of the Year

Floral arrangement trends for 2011 include using a single flower en masse…pulling from either the tropical palette listed above or using an antique, washed-out palette of soft pastels combined with creams (not white)  and with an undertone of grey. And yes, I’m well aware that these two looks are basically 180 degrees from each other…but both will trend this year. The Pantone trendy flower color of the year is honeysuckle…a vivid and happy shade of reddish-pink that’s sure to make you smile. Honeysuckles are arching shrubs or twining vines, native to the Northern Hemisphere. They’re very attractive to hummingbirds and humans alike and have sweetly-scented, bell-shaped flowers.  Pairing this vital color with the electric blue Delphinium or the intense blue of the Iris and a pure white in an arrangement will make an eye-popping combination. Pink honeysuckles in the wild are big floral trends for 2011

Wedding Floral trends for 2011

For winter wedding flowers in 2011, the circular tables are out and long rectangular tables are trending, allowing for larger, more lavish clusters of blooms. Also hot for weddings are tiny, three-dimensional flowers and/or soft petals embroidered on the bride’s dress. This lovely feature allows brides to replicate these colors and blooms into the floral table centerpieces for their weddings. Another highlight you’ll see a lot of in flower trends for 2011 are crystals…shimmering crystals in the bouquets, glittering crystals in the table arrangements…all sparkling and refracting the colors present in a beautiful prism throughout the room. Highlight this stunning effect with the soft glow of pearls and plenty of candles for that wow-factor. Brightly colored daffodils in red, orange and green mixed with green ribbons in a black vase are trendy flowers

Wow them with New Floral Trends

Garden-style flowers will also see renewed interest in 2011. The architectural, visual interest portrayed by wildflowers is relaxed and…well, wild. Conveying that back-to-nature feeling creates an intriguing element…and will often remind you of being a child and running full-speed through a field ripe with flowers of varying height and color. No matter which of these trends appeals to you, the flower trends for 2011 all inspire us to be whimsical, fun and to find the inner child hiding in all of us.

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