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Posted on April 27, 2010

Professional Floral Designers Find Mutual Inspiration

Flower prints are all over the runways this year.  This dominating trend is making its way into every fashion piece and accessory imaginable.  Mutual inspiration crosses industries.  Professional floral designers can inspire prints with their floral arrangements and flower print designers can in turn inspire them back.  The combination of fresh flower arrangements and contemporary style can bring a spark of floral delight to anyone this season.

Floral Prints All Around Us

Last season we saw a punk/grunge revival of plaid and flannel prints.  This season turns to flower prints for a more feminine touch and a lighthearted gush of color and soft style.

Nothing is as feminine and graceful as a floral print dress.  Wedding flower bouquets are often created to suit and individuals taste and to express their personality and character.  The same can hold true for a flower print dress.   For instance, Phlox, daphne and freesia creates a perfectly intricate large flower print pattern as sophisticated as a unique floral bouquet.

Umbrellas are a fun accessory to get creative with prints and floral prints are a popular option for umbrellas this season.  Add a splash of color with large single flower prints like chrysanthemums or sunflowers, or a dash of abstraction with tiny floral prints of daisies or daffodils.  Like a beautiful spring floral arrangement, these flower prints bring cheer and luminosity even when those spring rain drops are falling on your head.

A beautiful and appealing floral table centerpiece can accessorize any kitchen or dining room table.  In the same way, flower print sunglasses with simple pink roses and green leaves can accentuate and frame the face.  Sunglasses in floral prints are all the rage this season and come in a variety of flower designs with bold all-over prints or more subtle designs with one simple flower on the frame.

In men’s attire, flower prints are lively and chic.  The extraordinary floral prints form patterns of color to create abstract shapes and distinct constructions.  Similar to the patterns that form on a chuppa or a structural floral element, floral arrangements can take on a whole new look and feel when intricately mixed.  Like the floral print dresses, men’s flower prints range from bold colored compositions to more subtle even toned hues and everything in between.

You will see flower prints everywhere this season in fashion, from head to toe with hats, hair accessories, scarves, handbags, socks, and anything that can be printed - will have a floral print this season.

Prints of Flowers & Floral Arrangements

Whether you choose to make a dramatic statement with a sweeping flower print dress this season or take a more demure approach and place a flower in your hair, Big Apple’s New York City flower shop is excited to see their love of floral design on the runway and in the streets as they always are to see flowers on your dining room table or at your fabulous spring wedding.

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