Floral Wedding Colors & Trends 2009

Posted on July 29, 2009

Wedding Flower Colors This Year Are Bold & Beautiful

Floral wedding color schemes are taking on a common theme in recent months.  The more color, the better!  Deep orange, red and pink colors make a bold statement when guests walk into a room. blue-splash-wedding-bouquet8

This summer especially, it seems that everyone is craving lots of rich colors to brighten up their special day.  Wedding color trends are becoming more and more daring.  The days of pastel colors are slowly changing, but one color always remains popular in many shades...any guesses? Here's a hint...it's been made into a branding theme for one popular lingerie company.


Yes, it's PINK!  Perhaps one reason why pink remains tried and true for floral wedding color schemes is that it is incredibly versatile.  Pink floral wedding colors range from a pale hue to hot neon pink.

When combined with shades of gray and black or white, this floral wedding color combination makes one dynamic duo. It's this splash of color, which also seems to be on the agenda for 2009 wedding color trends.


Wedding Color Trends for 2009

Popular wedding colors this year almost seem to coincide with current events we are experiencing.  It seems that many are ready for dynamic change.  While some are feeling bold, others express themselves more subtlety.  Some floral wedding colors in 2009 include splashes of bright color in wedding flower color schemes.


We've mentioned before how every flower has its own personality just like people.   The saying, "Less is More", holds a certain truth and charm that can be brought out in wedding flower colors.  This not only applies to floral wedding colors, but also to wedding floral arrangements.


Wedding Flower Color That is Making a Comeback

This year's wedding color trends also include another color that has made a comeback slowly but surely.  The hint for this color is that it is associated with royalty.  The popular wedding color this year we are referring to is PURPLE!  This color has both warm and cool elements and it is also a versatile hue that can be used in several wedding floral wedding color schemes.   A bright purple hue implies wealthy and nobility, while a light shade of purple suggests romance and a certain gracefulness. In just the right combination, purple wedding flower colors can add that royal touch to your wedding event.

Floral Wedding Colors from a Wedding This Summer

We are currently working on floral wedding colors with a bride and groom that are getting married at Bridgewater next month, which is an excellent location right in the heart of South Street Seaport. This location is known for its beautiful scenery.  They space itself has very high ceilings, with a warm Yacht club charm.  This couple when sitting down with our creative director expressed that even though they wanted traditional style they wanted wedding flower colors with a punch of color!  This is the sample Big Apple Florist made for them. You may also be interested in looking at pictures of floral color schemes from our Summer Wedding At the Foundry.


Floral wedding colors this year being bold and bright certainly reflect the personalities of the couples we've had the pleasure of meeting.  Below are more purple floral wedding color schemes from weddings this past year.  We will be sure to add more purple wedding flower pictures since this continues to be a popular wedding color trend for 2009.






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