Favorite Flower Focus: The Rose

Posted on February 14, 2012

te-flower-focus" src="https://www.bigappleflorist.com/upload/blog/2012/02/rose-favorite-flower-focus-225x300.jpg" alt="rose-favorite-flower-focus" width="158" height="210" /> As a professional floral designer, I am a connoisseur of flowers. I study flowers with an insane passion, and my explorations have led me down many exotic and wild paths. As a rule, the weirder and pointier the flower – the more I love them. But I have one exception: roses! There is nothing more beautiful and accommodating than a rose. It’s a flower for which professional floral designers have an endless affinity, because of its size and variety of color. It’s a flower that can convey a million hopes and feelings in a single petal.

Painting Palettes with Roses: Colors and Varieties

When a florist visits the flower market, all the rose colors and varieties are displayed like an artist’s palette. It reminds me of when I was a child and used to arrange all my crayons like a rainbow – the process inspired my imagination and soothed my mind. The wholesalers in the flower market use this technique to help designers make the best use of color when creating arrangements to enhance an event, a ceremony, or bring a smile to a sweetheart’s lips. Nyc flower market Roses blossom into a full cup-like shape, some as dainty as a teacup – some wide and full like a soup bowl. Rose growers have developed a tremendous array of colors such as pure white, cream, beige, red, orange, peach, yellow, gold, green, pale pink, barbie pink, magenta, violet, lavender, caramel, raw sienna, burgundy, gray, and even almost black. black-magic-rose Nowadays, rose varieties are bred more for the length and size of head rather than scent. That’s why so often the roses you receive only have a faint scent (although some varieties, especially lavender and yellow, still have a strong fragrance). Sahara roses (a creamy beige color) retain the most delicious scent. sahara-roses

Cut Roses Care: Tips and Advice for Preserving Your Bouquet

  • Cut 2” to 3” off the stems with a sharp and clean knife or floral shears.
  • Give a long diagonal cut to ensure the water flows all the way up to the blossom.
  • Ensure that there are no leaves below the water level.
  • When you get home, place the flowers in a clean vase with clean tap water.
  • Give the roses the preservative provided, ensuring you give the correct dose. This will improve the vase life and keep bacterial growth in check so that the flowers stay perky and open fully.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient water in the vase. Water only needs to be topped up, not replaced.
  • Keep the roses away from sources of heat (radiators, sunlight).
As roses are the world’s most requested and popular flower, a whole rainbow of rose colors and varieties are featured in our beautiful floral gifts throughout the year – especially on Valentine’s Day! Check out some of our ravishing Valentine’s Day bouquets to delight your sweetheart. Learn more about our favorite blossoms in our Favorite Flower Focus section.

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