Favorite Flower Focus: The Peony Flower

Posted on May 25, 2012

All year long at the shop we get at least one request per day for peonies, regardless of when peonies are in season. What a relief that it is finally peak season for the local peony! “Local” for NYC means that peonies are coming from up and down the east coast. They begin in the Carolinas and move up to NJ, then NY, then up to New England. During the months of May and June NYC peonies are abundant, affordable and absolutely GORGEOUS!

Why Are Peonies Flowers So Popular?

Chinese-Peony-flower-painting big-apple-florist-peony Peonies have inspired humanity throughout the history of the world. They are named after the physician, Paeon, who cured the wounds received by the gods in the Trojan war and are featured in the myths of Ancient Greece. In Medieval Europe they were a cure for insanity, and the seeds were worn as a charm against evils spirits. In the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui, placing peony in the bedroom is a cure for an ailing love and romance. Their lush soft petals are sensual and evocative of silk. Their fragrance is exquisite, light and never cloying. The blooms begin as tiny as marbles and explode into softball-sized mounds of delicious scent and soft color. Their official season is limited, so perhaps the fleeting delicate beauty of these blossoms makes them so very special. Colors range from snow white, cream blush, pinks from palest to raspberry, luscious scarlet, deep burgundy and amazing shades of coral, copper and lemony yellow. peony-flower-colors peony-flower-yellow

Find Your Own Peony Perfume

The thing I love best about the peony is its elegant and exquisite scent. I have hunted far and wide and I have found three products available on-line and in local shops that allow you or your house to smell like a peony all year round. If you have any other fabulous peony scented treats send me a link. It’s a personal quest for year-round spring.
  • Red Flower Boutique had a scented candle and lotion that smells like a perfect peony. So gorgeous.
  • Pre de Provence creates a French-milled soap that is pure peony. Yum. Available online at your local Ricky’s or other nice drug/cosmetic shop.
  • L’Occitane had a line of fragrances and lotions that smell just like the real thing and come in the prettiest bottles.

Tips On Caring For Your Cut Peonies

  • Trim at least an inch off the bottom of the stem. Make the cut at an angle, which will provide a larger cut surface to absorb water.
  • Trim off lower leaves that will be under the water once the peonies are put in the vase, otherwise they can rot, greatly decreasing the life of the blooms.
  • Put the peonies in a vase filled with cool water. Place the peonies away from windy, drafty areas and keep them out of direct sunlight.
  • Replace the water with fresh water every two or three days. If you trim a half inch off the bottom of the stem each time you replace the water, the peonies will last longer.
  • Peonies in warm areas will open and fade faster.
So now’s the time to get your peony fix! Give us a call at (212) 687-3434 or check out our selections online, and let us send you or a dear one a wonderful cloud of sweet, soft peonies to enjoy. We love them as much as you do! big-apple-peony-flower

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