Favorite Flower Focus: The Hydrangea

Posted on September 15, 2011

Perfect for Floral Table Centerpieces with Big, Bright, Fluffy Balls of Glorious Color!

hydrangea-flower-arrangementsPerfect alone or in mixed bouquets, the versatile hydrangea is a favorite flower for floral table centerpieces with the designers here at Big Apple Florist. The name translates to ‘hydro’ (water) and ‘angeion’ (tub or jug) because the 1739 Dutch botanist Gronovius felt the rounded flower resembled an ancient water vessel. Hydrangeas have the unique property of changing color as they age. They start off in various shades of green, and by the time color changing is complete they are an autumnal shade of red. From December to May, colorful selections are increasingly available in New York. floral-table-centerpiece red hydrangea

Tips for Maintaining Cut Hydrangea Flower Arrangements

When conditioned and treated properly, hydrangeas can be incredibly long-lasting flowers, perfect for elegant floral table centerpieces. Here are some helpful tips for how to enjoy hydrangea flower arrangements at home:
  • Cut hydrangeas will not do well in a metal vase or pail – glass vases are ideal.
  • Cut the stems in a slant to facilitate improved absorption of water and flower food – hydrangeas are thirsty flowers.
  • Always remove any excess foliage and side shoots, as they contaminate the water.
  • Hydrangea flowers become sensitive as soon as they have been put in the vase. They dislike:
    • Too much movement
    • Stirring the water in the vase
    • Adding water to the vase
    • Standing in drafts, bright sunlight, near radiators, and near fruit bowls
  • If the flowers start to look limp after a few days, cut 2” off the stems and spray the flower heads gently with a flower mister.
If flowers stop absorbing water and the leaves look limp, trim the leaves from the stem and empty the vase. Let the flowers dry out completely in the vase to create elegant dried hydrangea flower arrangements that will last for months! Give us a call at 212-687-3434 to speak with one of our floral designers, who can help you create your perfect hydrangea flower arrangement.

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