Favorite Flower Focus: The Amazing Amaryllis

Posted on December 16, 2011

Amaryllis Bouquets for Stunning Christmas Flower Centerpieces

According to the Victorian language of flowers, the amaryllis flower symbolizes Pride, Timidity, and Splendid Beauty. It peaks in holiday month of December, making it an excellent Christmas flower bouquet or addition to your Christmas flower centerpiece. (The amaryllis is also available in all the months with an “r”: September through April.) holiday-amaryllis-arrangement Also known as the hippeastrum or “Knight’s Star” (“hippeas”= knight and “astron”=star), amaryllis flowers have hollow stems that can produce 3-5 glorious trumpet-shaped blossoms. The amaryllis comes in a glorious array of shades, from Black Pearl to “Ferrari” red, “Naranga” orange, “Hercules” dark pink, pale “Apple Blossom” pink and snowy “Christmas Gift” white.  Many varieties feature stripes and stars. christmas-amaryllis-arrangement

Unique Floral Arrangements with Amaryllis

Amaryllis are incredibly versatile flowers to design with.  Because of their very long stems, they make for dramatic tall displays. Their beautiful star-shaped blossoms also work in low, compact designs or adorable bud vases. Amaryllis also have an amazing hidden feature: because amaryllis stems are hollow, you can fill them with water and arrange your amaryllis upside down. An inverted amaryllis bouquet seems to last even longer than an upright bouquet! amaryllis-bouquet-upside-down

How to Care for Amaryllis Bouquets:

  • Cut an inch off the end of the stems.
  • Always use cold water for your amaryllis bouquet.
  • Top off the vase regularly with water, so your amaryllis bouquet stays hydrated.
  • The best place for amaryllis arrangements and plants is a cool spot. The flowers will fade faster in a warm room, next to heat sources, or in direct sunlight.
  • Amaryllis bouquets should not be placed next to fruit because the ethylene gas which the fruit gives off will cause the flowers to age rapidly.
  • Amaryllis is a long lasting flower, and will generally last at least 5 to 7 days with fresh water and favorable conditions.  As blossoms fade, pull them off to make room for their neighbors.
For a gorgeous amaryllis bouquet perfect for a Christmas flower centerpiece (or to brighten up your wintry apartment!) give us a call at 212-687-3434. Our floral designers can help you select one of our many splendidly beautiful amaryllis arrangements to enjoy this season, or design a unique amaryllis bouquet just for you! You can also shop our entire Winter Collection of flower arrangements here.

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