Favorite Flower Focus: Glorious Green Flowers

Posted on March 16, 2012

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Fine soft spring weather we’ve been having…it’s putting us in the mood for long lunches in the little park on the corner, iced coffee with lots of sugar, and leaving work earlier to stroll the Highline while the sun sets over Jersey. Spring is SO IN THE AIR! And St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner.

Aside from St. Patrick's Day, we generally associate the spring color green with foliage. However, there are a remarkable number of gorgeous green flowers that floral designers love to use to bring that refreshing shade of springtime green indoors. Roses, Cymbidium Orchids, Tulips and Hydrangea all naturally-growing green flowers that are versatile staples in most flower shops. They can stand alone, or pair perfectly with every color.

green-flowers-hydrangeagreen-orchidsOur Favorite Green Flowers: The Goddesses and Supermodels

Tall, slim, and majestic, these Green Goddess Calla Lilies are truly goddess-like. They are also very strong and long-lasting, so they are a favorite feature in weekly flower installations for their chic style and strength. green-flowers-green-goddess-calla Effervescent bubbles of Berzelia Greens add texture and a lemon-lime zest to compact designs. green-flowers-berzelia-greens Lady Slippers are exotic and enticing, and really do look like delicate dancing shoes. To me they are mesmerizing – they bring to mind the dancing flowers in Walt Disney’s “Fantasia,” always charming and magical. green-flowers-lady-slippers One of my favorite arrangements featured on our website is the "Green Apple," which includes gorgeous “Green Fashion” roses with unique pistachio green edges and a lovely, creamy pink center.

Green Apple Flowers

Spring ahead and order your revitalizing lush arrangement of glorious green flowers to bring spring (or St. Patrick's Day!) inside your home or office. Shop our festive green flower arrangements online or give the shop a call directly! (212) 687-3434

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