Father's Day Gift Baskets: Delivery to NYC Homes & Offices

Posted on June 5, 2013

What do you get for the guy who has—or can afford—anything he needs? For most men, there are few better ways to start Father's Day out on a good note than to find a Father’s Day gift basket delivery on thefathers-day-gift-basket-deliverybreakfast counter at home before work or waiting at your NYC office desk. Father’s Day is a time when you need to get creative and think outside of the box. This year, pass up the usual tie and "World's Best Dad" coffee mug and opt for something unique. You can't go wrong with a Father’s Day gift basket. Delivery options make it easy for you and a surprise for him!

Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Gift Baskets for Father’s Day- No longer a woman-only treat. Gift baskets, buckets and tins come in all shapes and sizes and filled with things guys love the most. With NYC’s Big Apple Florist, you can order prearranged baskets or get custom options. Fill your basket with things like:
  • Chips
  • Cheese
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Pretzels

2. Gift Cards to His Favorite Places- Is Dad saving up for a new set of golf clubs or is he itching to try out that new line of meat marinades from the local organic food store? Get him a gift card that he can use towards his big purchase or use to splurge on an item that he really wants. Feel free to add these gift cards to your gift baskets for Father’s Day as well! 3. Green Up His Life- Infuse a bit more life into Dad's NYC home or office with a few plants that will freshen the air and brighten the atmosphere. Be sure to choose an easy-to-grow variety if dad isn't known for his gardening skills. Work with our plant and flower care experts to find the perfect plant for your pops!


4. Gifts of Service- If your dad's health has seen better days, or if he's just too busy with work, channel your childhood and give him homemade coupons for a car wash, a home cooked dinner, a grass cutting or his favorite pie fresh-baked on demand. Add these creative additions to a nice Father’s Day gift basket delivery. 5. Magazine or Newspaper Subscriptions- Since he already subscribes to them, you know you can't go wrong by extending his subscription by another year or two. And, better yet, it's not the kind of gift that's prone to going unused and gathering dust until his once-every-decade rummage sale.

fathers-day-gift-basket-deliveryWhy Father’s Day Gift Basket Delivery is Best

There are a number of reasons why Father’s Day gift basket delivery is the best option for you. Perhaps you’re not located close to your dad this Father’s Day, or perhaps you can’t get off work to deliver it yourself, or, even if you are in the area, delivery is the perfect surprise to let your father know you’re thinking of him this Father’s Day. At Big Apple Florist, we offer same day and weekend delivery of all gift baskets, flowers and plants. Contact us online to coordinate your Father’s Day gift basket delivery or call us at 212-687-3434.

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