Exemplary Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Posted on October 14, 2009

Memorable Office Holiday Party Planning

Office holiday parties are all about the employees (everyone from the top on down), and so must be planned thoroughly with their happiness in mind.  No need to panic if this is your first time organizing such an event-there are plenty of simple guidelines to follow that can make the task much, much easier and the office holiday party itself enjoyably memorable for everyone in attendance. corporate-holiday-party-table

An Office Holiday Party Essential:  Invitations

Alright, you could just rely on the word-of-mouth/mass email approach for the office holiday party, provided your office is small/email attentive enough for such a tactic to work effectively.  However, for a dash of refinement-regardless of office size-invitations are a must; furthermore, they make the gathering more personable. What kind of invitations for the office holiday party?  Well, as useful as they undoubtedly are, it is probably better to avoid using electronic invitations as the dominant symbols of the party's occurrence.  They are indeed efficient, but they will likely not convey the 'specialness' of your office holiday party the same way a hand addressed envelope with a lovely invitation inside would (remember, make the event very personable and have everyone feel that they are wanted, not just on some list that just gets hit with indifferent emails).  Permitting guests/employees to bring their spouses to the office holiday party is a good idea as well. office-holiday-party-planning

Entertainment For Your Corporate Holiday Party

Any set of corporate holiday party ideas is not complete without some entertainment suggestions.  There is no need go to into rich detail (your entertainment selection(s) depend a lot on your company culture, among other things), but having a DJ or a house band can really spice things up, as well as loosen up everybody-within limits, of course.  Complement the audio experience with great visuals also; lights, snowflake gossamer curtains, disco balls, and more are welcome when it comes to musical entertainment for your office holiday party. corporate-holiday-party-ideas Also, do not forget to make your guests feel that they are entering the party venue in style:  decorate the walkway with holiday- or company-colored lights, the entrance with an arch of balloons and/or a banner, and the tables with festive seating cards.  If such things are permitted by the budget, definitely make full use of them for your corporate holiday party.

More On Office Holiday Party Decorations, Food, And Drinks

When it comes to office holiday party planning, certainly get creative when it comes to the related decorations.  Suggestions for workday adornments have already been addressed in the post regarding holiday office decorations, but now is the time to step it up (it's a party, come on).   Select the right colors for all of your centerpieces (whether they be candy gift boxes with ribbons and bows or, of course, floral arrangements) and lights; and make sure that there are several choices for meals and desserts.  If the budget of your corporate holiday party can stomach it, an open bar is a wonderful way to say thank you to your employees too-just make sure everyone has a safe ride home. office-holiday-party

Finally, We Can Handle Your Floral Needs For Your Corporate Holiday Party

Be sure to browse through to find more holiday party ideas and to see what our arrangements can offer to your corporate holiday party ...and, again, happy holidays! corporate-holiday-party2

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