Different Flower Types

Posted on September 22, 2009

Which Flower Types Are Right for Your Occasion?

Different flower types make for an excellent choice when attending or planning a special event.  But with so many flower types, it can be challenging to choose just the right flower for your occasion.  Here are some of the more common flower types along with some advice about which type of flowers may be appropriate for your occasion.  Let's first simplify what makes different types of flowers unique.

Characteristics of Different Flower Types

Scent - different flower types have different smells based on the oils that petals produce as the flower grows.  If you've ever walked through a field of lilacs in May, you know how wonderful the scent of flower types can be.


Color - the hue of flower types comes from the pigment in the sap of the flower's cells.  The color of a type of flower oftentimes supports a theme or has a symbolism, on which we base our choice.

Petals - the collective term for petals for a flower is corolla.  Sometimes petals in and of themselves are a wonderful adornment to a gift or culinary creation.

Exquisiteness - depending on the occasion, it may be appropriate to consider truly exquisite type of flowers, such as orchids or passion flowers. Other times, different flower types can be arranged to produce an exquisite look.

Knowing which of these characteristics would fulfill our intentions best is a good starting point when choosing between different flower types.  Of course, every flower or bouquet is a wonderful blend of these characteristics.  Some of the most common flower types are roses, lilies, tulips, orchids and daisies.

Most Common Flower Types

Roses are the most common flower types are roses, known for their mixed fragrance and variety of colors.   A rose's color may symbolize love, friendship or even enchantment.  New York's state flower is the rose, but this type of flower is grown throughout the world.  In general, this type of flower represents beauty and love, not necessarily romantic love. Roses are perfect for an occasion that involves great passion on the part of the recipient.


Lilies are known for their unique petals and beautiful scent that can overtake a room when in full bloom.  White lilies portray purity and chastity and so they make for wonderful fresh floral wedding bouquets.  At the same time, these flower types are often made into funeral floral arrangements, signifying innocence after death.  Lilies are a wonderful type of flower for a formal or elegant occasion.


Tulips come in an assortment of colors and are easily recognized by their petals.  They are one of the most common flower types due to their versatility.  Tulips are not to stylish, nor romantic, nor harsh.  This type of flower is just right for most occasions, whether it be mother's day or a first date.  The perfect simplicity of tulips and all their colors make them a popular choice.


Orchids are a perfect example of flower types that are exquisite in nature.  This type of flower also has many varieties, each with its own exotic look and delicate character.  Orchids last for a long time and contain a certain allure making them perfect for an out of the ordinary occasion or a captivating event as in a wedding floral bouquets.


Daisies are also found all over the world in several colors.  The origin of daisy comes from "day's eye" relating to the sun.  Daisies symbolize innocence and friendship.  Originating in Europe, this type of flower is commonly found in North America.  They are wonderful to present to someone who can be considered the sunshine of your life.


In choosing among different flower types, just keep in mind that no matter what type of flower you choose, it will bring a smile to the person or occasion.  As the popular saying goes, "Just say it with flowers".  If you're looking for a different type of flowers, you can always consider an exotic type of flower.  But for some occasions, simple is the perfect type of flower choice.


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