Corporate Floral Services – NYC Weekly Flower Arrangements

Posted on June 21, 2016

Can Big Apple Florist provide corporate floral services to my workplace? At Big Apple Florist, we are experts at providing offices with weekly flower arrangements, and plant maintenance. Big Apple Florist has an extensive history of providing corporate floral services for a variety of businesses in NYC since 1942. At Big Apple Florist we provide a wide range of aromatic and attractive arrangements that breathe life into your office space. Providing weekly flower arrangements  that augment the design of a modern office and add some warmth to a classically or more modern decorated work space. At Big Apple Florist our expert florists are ready to create customized arrangement designs. Access to such magnificent foliage and a knowledge of how plants work in a business setting, are why Big Apple Florist has filled thousands of offices with fresh weekly flower arrangements.


What are the benefits of weekly flower arrangements in the office? The presence of plants and flowers in the office increases morale and creativity in the work place. This goes for everything from succulents to aromatic floral arrangements. Corporate floral services can give a business a competitive edge when it comes to developing a calm and confident work force - and providing an improved work space to bring clients to. Businesses have become even more successful when their employees like where they work. Plants have also been scientifically linked to creativity and receptive thinking. Part of their appeal is that they show employees that management takes an interest in creating an enriching environment where they can work. Offices that invest in corporate floral services have been shown to have an increase in terms of employee productivity. What types of arrangements can big apple provide my office on a weekly basis? Like any quality New York florist, Big Apple Florist provides corporate floral services NYC featuring weekly floral delivery and plant maintenance. At Big Apple Florist we can provide plants that fit effortlessly into a lobby adding a sense of nature and volume into an otherwise stagnant space. We also provide plants that are just the right shape and size for cubicles to bring a sense of warm and zen to otherwise bare and cold work environments. At Big Apple Florist we have reception area plants designed to create a warm and calming environment. Big Apple Florist also has the horticultural resources and specialists needed to make an individual office feel like an oasis. Big Apple Florist has been providing the corporate floral services NYC businesses desire for decades. At Big Apple Florist, we carry a wide range of vases, arrangements, and bouquets you need to create just the right décor and environment for your employees and clients. Weekly flower arrangements will also help to drive home your company’s philosophy and brand in a way no other decorations can. Office flower arrangements are a perfect way make an office a place where people want to work.

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