Christmas Flowers: A Brief History

Posted on December 21, 2009

Interesting Tidbits For When You Buy Christmas Flowers Online

Your present enjoyments of Christmas flowers, along with everything else that comes with the holiday season, will not be diminished by a little bit of a historical excursion-trust us! christmas-flowersWhen you learn a bit about why something is the way it is, or where it came from, more often than not that thing becomes even more interesting and wonderful. The same goes for all the fine Christmas flowers you see decorating many of your fellow New Yorkers' living rooms and offices: they will all have a more enriched meaning for you after you finish reading this. And do not worry; it will not be long before you can return to your Christmas shopping.

A Look at Some Common Christmas Flowers

Let's see what we have for our lineup of Christmas flowers, shall we? The next time you buy Christmas flowers online or hear about, any of these, you should be confident enough to impress others with the knowledge you gleaned from the following. Poinsettias - These visual wonders have the appropriate aliases of Christmas Flower and Christmas Star. Named after the US's first Mexican Ambassador (Joel Poinsett), their relationship to Christmas came about through a Mexican legend about a young boy who, since he could afford nothing else, gathered weeds to offer as a gift to a church; in return for his generosity, the weeds transformed into Poinsettias for him and the community to enjoy. Aztec culture also held Poinsettias in high esteem, believing them to be symbols of purity. Hollies - A very, very popular Christmas plant (with many, many variations, from humble buy-christmas-flowers-onlineshrubs to sizable trees) known for the evergreen leaves and the red berries. Hollies have a long history of cultural interaction and, in addition to their widespread use for Christmas, have a particularly strong place in English folklore. They have been used to ward off witches and misfortune, and thus were planted near homes and churches, and have been considered unlucky to uproot (or chop down) or bring into the house at any point other than Christmas. Ivies - Another well known participant on the Christmas scene, Ivies carry with them a strong connection to ancient Celtic traditions. Its symbolism is directly related to its way of growing, and is thought to be a representation of the dynamics of friendship (twisting, turning, developing, etc). Ivies' durability is another feature of this interpretation, and thus they have been thought to be an example of a lasting, meaningful, and enriching friendship as well. The durability of the human spirit was also thought to be indirectly embodied by the ivy. christmas-flower-arrangements1Mistletoe - What discussion of Christmas flowers/plants would be complete without a mention of the romantic mistletoe? Not to kill the dreamy vibe you may be getting about now, but it is not really a plant; it is more like a parasite. Mistletoes attach to trees and inject their roots into the trees' trunks to absorb nutrients. Whence the love? Well, like those above, it has a history of veneration by various cultures, particularly the Celts, the Germans, and the Greeks. You can thank the Greek festival of Saturnalia for your kissing privileges beneath itJ.

Christmas Floral Arrangements from Big Apple Florist

Some of the discussions above about Christmas flowers got you thinking about what you might want to get for your home, office, or that special someone? You can view our Winter Flower Collection if you'd like to buy Christmas flowers online or view other special floral arrangements for this season. Or if you're in New York; you know just the place to go to for your flowers no flowers-for-christmasmatter what time of year it happens to be.

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