Choosing the Bridal Bouquet that Fits Your Style

Posted on June 24, 2015

Choosing a bridal bouquet is all about expressing your personal style. The bridal bouquet sets the tone for your wedding and it is the floral arrangement that is most often present in your wedding photos. Some florists will push you to decide on centerpieces first because they tend encompass the bulk of your wedding floral budget. While the centerpieces will be the pieces your guests gaze at the most, your bouquet is the piece that you will remember more fondly. Because of this I suggest starting your floral search by picking the style that fits you the best. Single Varietal For the classic bride a single varietal or monochromatic bridal bouquet is an elegant and sophisticated choice. By choosing either a single varietal or a simple monochromatic bouquet you create a strong shape and statement. The grouping of stems that are similar in shape creates symmetry and draws the eye without blending into your dress or decor. Typical varietals that work well for these bouquets include roses, callas, hydrangea and cymbidium orchid blooms. IMG_0068 Single Varietal Rose Bouquet IMG_0075 Single Varietal Calla Bouquet

Bright and Contrasting

Choosing a bold bridal bouquet projects confidence and a playful tone for your wedding. A mixture of bright colors or even a mixture of varietals in the same color family brings the focus to the spirit of the event. It creates whimsy and showcases a bride's unique personal style. If you are interested in a bright bouquet I would suggest asking your florist which varietals will be in season within your color palette and let them choose a bold mix to ensure that the bouquet has a full, fresh look.

IMG_0062 Cymbidium, rose and calla lily mixed bridal bouquet IMG_0113 Pincushion, rose and cymbidium mixed bouquet.


Organic bouquets have become increasingly on trend in the past few years. Many brides are foregoing the specific planned varietals for a mix of seasonal floral and greens that focus on texture and give off an earthy vibe. Succulents, grasses, greenery and soft blooms are perfect for earthy bouquets. These organic bouquets pair particularly well with a lace wedding gown because of their texture. When choosing the organic style it is often best to merely choose the accent colors that you're interested and let the rest be determined by what coordinates well with the focal bloom.

Image Credit: - Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography Image Credit: - Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography Image Credit: - Jose Villa Photography Image Credit: - Jose Villa Photography

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