Choosing Low Light Plants

Posted on October 20, 2015

One of the most common questions that Big Apple Florist receives as the floral and plant specialist of New York City is: "What plants work well in my dark office space?" New York City offices are notorious for having spaces with little to no light and often harsh heating and cooling environments. Because of these less than ideal conditions we are asked almost daily for help choosing plants that will survive in an office environment. There are a variety of plants that will work well in office spaces if light is available and there are even a few that need very little to no light to survive. We've chosen a few of our favorite plants that can weather the office environments in New York City with ease. Low Light Plants for the Office Whether you are looking to add a plant to a dark interior conference room or to a private office with little natural light - these plants should be your go to options! Snake Plant The snake plant is a great floor plant option or even comes in a smaller size that can add texture to the top of a desk or file cabinet. This plant works well in low light and needs very little watering to survive. Also known as mother in law's tongue this plant is a great choice for those without a green thumb.

Snake Plants Big Apple Florist

Lisa Cane This floor plant stands tall and slender, perfect for that empty corner in the office. The Lisa Cane can also handle extremely low light conditions like a pro.

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Photo Credit - Pothos The pothos plant is ideal for the casual urban gardener. It is low maintenance and can be trimmed-up or allowed to grow out to obtain the desired level of greenery in a space. The pothos plant does need some natural light but, handles lower light for longer periods of time better than many indoor plants.


For other plant options for your home or office give us a call! We provide complementary consultations to suggest and select plants suited to your space - that takes the guess work out of choosing a plant that simply works.

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