Celebrating Earth Day in the Big Apple

Posted on April 20, 2012

earth-day-2012-pinkpeonyI spent last weekend climbing in and out of windows to prune and weed an almost inaccessible terrace for one of our corporate clients – it was hard work and not particularly stimulating, but I do take away with me a real appreciation of hardy evergreen shrubbery and its strength, beauty, and adaptability. I came home bone tired with icky, scratched up hands, but woke up with a burning desire to visit a botanical garden. And what better way to celebrate Earth Day 2012 in NYC than by visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens?

My Earth Day Visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I dragged two buddies today to the Gardens for a celebration of the wonders of nature.  Every year I just miss the blue bells and the lilacs. This year was going to be different!  What a fantastic choice for a Sunday afternoon activity in New York City, and what better way to spend Earth Day in NYC by focusing on the amazing planet we live in? I am pleased to announce that the blue bells haven’t sprung yet, so I just need to visit every weekend till May – I’m OK with that! Some of my favorite Earth Week blossoms: earth-day-nyc-hornbeam earth-day-nyc-tulip earth-day-nyc-apheledra earth-day-nyc-andromeda earth-day-nyc-cherryblossoms

Earth Day Ideas: Will You Make a Difference in 2012?

This week, try to do something special for Earth Day! I know that there are cool things going on in Grand Central Station.  Try to take a look at your life, and think about something you can change that will help preserve a natural resource. Some Earth Day ideas that I can personally do on Earth Day 2012:
  • Turning off my computer at home and work if I’m not there using it
  • Really using recycled bags
  • Getting a reusable to-go coffee cup and/or water bottle (I throw out too many bottles)
  • Frequenting and supporting our city’s parks and gardens!
Hug a tree this weekend. Get outside and appreciate Earth! Don’t have enough Earth in your life this Earth Day? Give us a call and let us add more green to your world. Plants and flowers can clean your air and bring energy and focus to your daily activities! Call us at (212) 687-3434 or visit our Weekly Flower & Plant Delivery page for more information.

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