Cascading Flowers: Soft, Romantic and Always in Style

Posted on January 24, 2011

Cascading Flowers: It’s all in the Technique

One of the hottest trends this year is cascading…also known as draping, flower arrangements. The effect is the perfect combination of whimsy and a kind of reclining elegance that can be quite dramatic. The trick to achieving this striking look is to select just the right type of blooms to bring a sense of gentle motion to the overall result. One of the best examples I’ve seen for draping flowers is done with calla lilies. With their natural teardrop shape, they’re an excellent choice for a cascade effect. Simply ensure that all the blooms are consistent (with the point facing downward) and decrease the number of blooms as you work your way down the arrangement so that the tip contains one final perfect bloom, for a dramatic point at the bottom. The effect is stunning and is reminiscent of the shape of a lovely heart…perfect for a wedding floral bouquet, or as an end arrangement in a pew. Cascading purple orchids set in front of a sunny window

Creating Visual Movement with Draping Flowers

The easiest way to create the look of cascading flowers is to imagine a waterfall and to apply this visual effect with your arrangement. This look is spectacular when done in conjunction with the gorgeous design of a gently cascading cluster of flowers on a wedding cake…looking almost fluid…and gently tumbling from one tier to the next, finally gathering en masse at the base. It’s a very romantic, contemporary look and is stunning in its visual appeal. Using tropical flowers makes for an innovative cascading floral effect. Lilies, peonies, ginger, protea or orchids make a stunning choice. Combining white lilies with their oversized, lavish blooms and long beautiful stems with smaller bloomed flowers, like white orchids and then adding the deep green of a trailing vine will be dramatic, unique and memorable. Draping pink and white with black speckle flowers Adding ribbon or a tassel to the bottom of a cascading floral arrangement will help to draw the eye down. So will positioning the flowers from larger at the top and have them gradually become smaller as you work your way to the bottom. And don’t forget to add a bit of bling by adding the sparkle of flower jewelry, in clear rhinestones or a complementary color…and perhaps add a faux-vine in shimmering silver for a soft glow. Any of these suggestions will create the magical cascading flower effect that will impress your guests and highlight every detail of your special event.

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