Candles & Flowers: A Perfect Match

Posted on September 30, 2010

Now that fall and winter are approaching and daylight won’t last as long, it is time to start thinking about lighting for your events.  Matching candles and flowers can be the perfect addition.  Although our primary focus of work is floral décor, we have mentioned to you before that we are capable of producing events in their entirety: from linens to flatware and more, Big Apple Florist can do it all.  According to our designers, their 2nd favorite aspect of events, besides flowers of course, is handling the lighting.  Lighting sets the tone and the mood for the event.  Dim, candle-lit lighting is the ultimate way to evoke feelings of love, romanticism, and a sense of warmth. Floating in glass candles and flowers in whites as a table centerpiece

Flower Lighting with Candles

Weather its votive candles, pillar candles, floating candles, candelabras, or tea light candles, our brides love the look of candles galore for the perfect lighting it gives their ceremony and reception rooms.  A trend we have been seeing amongst our clientele is their desire for centerpieces made entirely out of candles and flowers.  To create this concept, we love the look of placing candles in different height vases and grouping them together.  We also love placing them in uniquely shaped vases.  Candles with flowers for centerpieces have become a popular and interesting choice and one that is an economical choice as well. Floral lighting birch tree branches with triangle shaped candle votives hanging from the branch and on the table Please feel free to inquire about what we can create for you using candles and flowers to create an exquisitely beautiful atmosphere for your event! A simple candle floating in clear glass in the middle of a white flower arrangement makes a lovely candle flower A Chuppa full of white flower and birch branches adorned by candles on stands

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