Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding: CharlesSallyCharles Event Décor by NYC's Big Apple Florist

Posted on July 25, 2013

We at Big Apple Florist have been providing New York City with premium, garden-fresh flower arrangements since 1946. As a premier NYC florist, we are committed to providing excellent service and a diverse floral selection. We treat every customer with care, attentiveness and integrity. If you are planning a Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding, we have your ideal brooklyn-botanic-garden-weddingBBG event flowers. At Big Apple Florist, we artfully create the arrangements and wedding flowers NYC has been enjoying and appreciating for decades.

Success Story: A June Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding

Recently, we had the pleasure of decorating the Brett Rozenweig wedding. The lavish affair was a Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding held in June of 2013 at The Palm House wedding facility. Brett and mother Karen met with our experts to discuss their wedding flower choices for decorating the BBG for the occasion. At first, they both had a distinct vision: they were sure that a color combination of green, blue, purple and white blooms were the ideal choice for the wedding. However, when we showed them a sample of this combination, they found that it just looked too "Bar Mitzvah-ish" for their tastes. This is precisely why we show our clients sample pieces before the wedding -- so that there are no surprises. The bride-to-be immediately disliked what she saw and asked for ideas about a better combination. Right on the spot, our experts altered the arrangement to white, blue and peach blooms. With the clients' input, we were able to come up with a more suitable color combination for the summer wedding at BBG.

Big Apple Florist Shines at CharlesSallyCharles Events

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) is a living Museum and is one of the most treasured places in all of Brooklyn. The Brett Rozenweig brooklyn-botanic-garden-weddingwedding took place at the The Palm House (AKA CharlesSally Charles) on June 22, 2013. We have experience providing BBG event flowers and the perfect wedding flowers NYC residents enjoy and appreciate—this event was no exception. The Chuppah for the wedding was placed in front of the big willow tree at the facility. It was a simple Chuppah featuring a variety of beautiful touches:
  • Pink flowers
  • Hot pink  flowers
  • Purple flowers
  • Variegated ivy
  • Draped with white fabric
A white fabric aisle runner illuminated the bride as she walked down the aisle with white lanterns and white pillar candles scattered artfully all along the perimeter of the pond in front of The Palm House. Combinations of tall and low floral wedding centerpieces were a visual highlight of the reception space and guests who attended the event definitely felt the power and grandeur of the wedding.

Let Our Experience and Expertise Give You Peace of Mind

If you're planning a Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding, we at Big Apple Florist would be honored to provide your BBG event flowers or arrangements for the venue of your choice. From The Palm House wedding to CharlesSallyCharles Events, we have the floral expertise to create wedding flowers NYC remembers.


At Big Apple Florist, we pride ourselves on creative, garden-fresh flower arrangements, excellent service and a vast flower selection. From artful, hand-delivered bouquets and baskets to large-scale corporate and event planning, our floral designers are dedicated to making your vision a reality. Contact us online or call us today to book an appointment with one of our expert floral consultants.



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