Bringing the Outside In: Interior Design Ideas from the Streets of NYC

Posted on August 25, 2011

I love New York, and my job at Big Apple Florist gives me the opportunity to explore every corner of this beautiful city. There are so many great interior design ideas I’ve found while on my way to floral design and plant maintenance appointments around the city. What I've learned: you can discover ideas for interior design even when you're outside.

Look Outside For Great Interior Design Ideas

Last week on a visit to 35th Street and Broadway for an NYC plant maintenance appointment, I snapped these photos of a gorgeous outdoor tropical paradise created by the 34th Street Partnership.


Here, Elephant Ear Alocasia and Selloum Philodendron are shading the sidewalk and creating a lush oasis for shoppers, tourists, and workers. What’s great about both Alocasia and Selloum plants is that they can also thrive indoors. With the proper plant maintenance, they can be lush additions to your own home – an oasis of your own, in your living room!


NYC Plant Maintenance: Scale Your Plants for Small Spaces

Both these plants can be space hogs, so if you don’t have a large, bright loft or brownstone space, try a smaller plant like the African Mask. Smaller and with deep green leaves and dramatic white markings, these plants are fabulous additions to NYC interiorscapes.

Elephant Ear plants are a favorite with floral designers for adding drama to large displays, but they are wonderful on their own or as cut foliage, too. If you travel a lot (or if NYC plant maintenance just isn’t your thing), a fantastic way to bring shiny green gorgeousness into your home is by filling a tall cylinder with water and placing a large cut Elephant Ear leaf inside. The cascading foliage will last a few weeks, and it does wonders to bring the outside in!


For more landscaping and interior design ideas to bring the beauty of tropical plants and foliage inside your home or office, visit our Interiors & Plant Maintenance page or give our design specialists a call at 212-687-3434!

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