Bridal Hair Flowers

Posted on June 19, 2010

One of the oldest traditions for weddings is to add bridal hair flowers for embellishment and decoration.  Using flowers in the hair for weddings not only enhances and adorns a hairstyle by giving unique beauty and style to the wearer, but it is also a great complement to a flower scheme.  Flowers are the most natural form of ornamentation and they provide the fresh scent of seasonal bouquets for any wedding. In Roman tradition, the bride and groom would both be bestowed with a headpiece crown of fresh flowers.  The crown is symbolic of eternal love, the continuation of the circle being the metaphor.  Many works of art and sculptures depict people wearing flowers in their hair for momentous occasions.  In the Victorian era, each flower held its own special meaning.  Flowers that adorned the hair styles of the period could be translated into meaning and significant for the wearer.  Here are some suggestions for the modern day for wearing bridal hair flowers.

Range of purple, blue and white flowers in a bundle

Hair Flowers for Weddings

Fresh flowers in the hair are perfect for special occasions and events.  There is probably no other time that calls for it more than a wedding.  Bridal hair flowers are a perfect way to make a bride feel extra special.  There are so many options for wearing flowers in the hair for weddings.  Think of flowers as another accessory to awedding ensemble.  Brides can stand out from the rest of the wedding party by being the sole wearer of flowers in her hair or she can include her bridesmaids and flower girl.  The wedding party can all wear the same flowers or everyone can individually choose their own flowers.  Here are some options for how to decide on what hair flowers to choose for a wedding. The bride could use flower symbolism to convey feeling and emotion on the special day.  Perfect bridal hair flowers that inspire meaning include:
  • Cymbidium Orchids are exotic and graceful and they represent love, beauty and strength.
  • Asiatic Lilies offer color variety and symbolizes pure love and fertility.
  • Wax Flowers sing when grouped together and embody prosperity.
  • Stephanotis blossoms are incredibly elegant flowers that denote marital bliss.
  • Plumeria blooms are charming and rich with tonal variations; they signify life and fertility.
  • Miniature Roses are traditional bridal flowers that miniature roses personify passion and love.
  • Hibiscus flowers symbolize beauty and they are indeed enchanting and unique.
  • Iris blooms have personality and their meaning is enveloped in faith and love.
  • Jasmine has an intoxicating fragrance its blooms symbolize sensuality and amenity

Bright blue delicate hair flowers for weddings

A bride can match her hairstyles with a specific type of bridal hair flower:
  • Big swept up-do’s that gather on the back or the top of the head can be matched with a garland of flowers that flow down the neck.
  • Classic styles like a ponytail or bun that pull the hair away from the face work great with a wreath or border of flowers around the bun or chignon.
  • Natural styles where the hair is partly pulled back or left down completely work great with one single bold flower behind the ear or a flower tucked into a clip on the side.
  • Romantic styles were the hair is up and pieces are left loose to frame the face radiant when paired with tiny draping flowers pinned throughout the style.
  • For more edgy styles or shorter cuts, flowers can be woven through small braids and pinned back or weaved in the hair to add a design element.
  • For traditional styles like pin curls, small clusters of flowers that are strung together can outline the details of the style and are sweet and subtle.
Bridal Hair Flowers in a Victorian era paintings of a young girl

Flowers in Hair for Weddings

There is nothing better than the real thing and that is especially true when it comes to flowers.  Not only do you and those around you get to enjoy the beautiful fragrance of the flower, but the delicacy and softness of real flowers in hair is not something that can be matched with imitations.  Big Apple Florist can work with a bride to find unique and exciting way to complement their selection of bridal hair flowers with the flower arrangement, wedding floral bouquets and scheme for the wedding space.  Contact us anytime and we can find the perfect solutions for that special day.

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