Birthday Flowers by Month

Posted on January 29, 2011

There are many creative ways to say, “Happy Birthday”.  One way is to give the gift of flowers…but showing your dedication by taking the time to research the recipient’s birth month will take your gift to the next level. Below is a brief glimpse of birthday flowers by month. Have fun with it and show that special someone just how much you care: These reddish pink roses in full bloom in a sleak white vase are perfect birthday flowers by month gifts
  • January: The flowers of the month are carnations and snowdrops. Your birthstone is Garnet. Red is the theme for this first month of the New Year. Your sign is Capricorn. You are patient and persistent.
  • February: The flowers are Primroses and Violets…the vibrant color purple taking center stage. Your birthstone is Amethyst and your astrological sign is Aquarius. Your personality is independent and creative.
  • March brings with it the coming of spring and is met with Violets and Jonquils, the latter being from the daffodil family….a sure sign of the passing of winter. Your birthstone is sky-blue Aquamarine and your sign is Pisces. You are romantic and generous.
  • April’s flowers are Daisies and Sweet Peas…the perfect flowers to reflect the whimsy one feels when spring is in full swing. Your birthstone is the twinkling sparkle of Diamond and you’re an Aries all the way. You are adventurous and passionate.
  • The month of May finds us enjoying Lily of the Valley and Hawthorns, with their commonality being the dainty hanging red berries and sweet, white bell-shaped blooms, respectively.  Your stone is the fiery green of the Emerald and your sign is the bullish Taurus. You’re affectionate and practical.
  • June sees another change in season, with the onset of summer. Your birthday flowers are Roses and Honeysuckle, with their intoxicating fragrance. Your birthstone is the shimmering Pearl and your sign is Gemini, the sign of the twins. You tend to be communicative and inquisitive.
  • July is steamy…with the month being represented by enchanting Water Lilies and Larkspur. Your birthstone is the Ruby, with its deep red hue. Your sign is Cancer, the sign of the crab. You are imaginative and intuitive.
White and pink roses with green ribbon sprigs in a hammered pewter vase are great flowers for birthday months
  • August finds us sweltering in the Northeast…and matches up with Gladiolus and Poppies, with their vibrant, eye-catching colors. The birthstone is the lime green of Peridot and your sign is Leo, the sign of the lion. Topping your traits are honesty and enthusiasm.
  • September usually carries with it some picture-perfect weather days. Your flowers are Asters and Morning Glories, with their glowing-white centers. Your birthstone is the deep blue of the Sapphire…a color sometimes found on a perfect September day. Your sign is Virgo…and you are diligent and analytical.
  • October brings a shift in seasons and a burst of color in its foliage. It seems only fitting that the flower this month would be the Marigold, with its oranges, yellows and reds. Your birthstone is the glowing, mysterious Opal and your sign is Libra, the sign of the scales. Not surprisingly, you are charming and perceptive in nature.
  • November flowers are the Chrysanthemums with their spiky, hardy blooms. The birthstone is the varying color of Topaz. Your sign is Scorpio and you are determined and complex.
  • December finds us at the end of another year and is represented by Poinsettias and Hollies, the traditional Christmas flowers. Your birthstone is the blue-green Turquoise, harkening us back to Mother Earth. Your sign is Sagittarius, the sign of the archer. You are ethical and compassionate.
Blue purple and red purple lilacs split by green ribbon sprigs in a sleak white vase are great monthly birthday flowers I hope you’ve enjoyed this little bit of birth analysis. Hopefully, it’s brought you one step closer to understanding yourself or someone you love. If nothing else, knowing birthday flowers of the month are fun!  What flowers would you like to get for your birthday?

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