Birch Bark & Trees for Floral Design Arrangements

Posted on March 11, 2010

At Big Apple, we strongly believe in matching the floral décor to the according season.  With winter wrapping up, we wanted to remind you of an innovative floral concept that is perfectly appropriate for wintertime: Birch.  Whether it’s an actual birch tree, or birch bark, birch is a fresh new element for floral design arrangements.  Birch is emblematic and indicative of wintertime and is a stylish new trend in contemporary floral design.  Birch trees and birch bark are a great way to make a winter event special and unique.  Using birch as part of your floral décor for your occasion is a great way to change the mood and overall look of a space.


Birch Trees & Birch Bark for Weddings

For your chupah, try using birch trees as the backbone that can have other floral elements wrapped around it to create a varied effect.  Birch trees as centerpieces, or as elements of centerpieces, have been a floral design trend for a long time now.  While this concept may not be ‘new’ it is still relevant and will help you achieve a wintertime ambiance.


Birch Bark Vases, Wallpaper, & Arrangements

Additionally, using birch bark to wrap around vases, to cover tables, or even to cover entire walls for a birch bark wallpaper effect, can add a new element that might surprise your guests.  The birch bark creates another dimension and adds texture in a simple and effective way.


For smaller floral design arrangements, inserting birch branches, birch twigs, and smaller pieces of birch bark, can help create the same effect on a lesser scale.


Floral Design with Birch for You

These are just some of our ideas of how to use birch bark and trees for your floral décor needs and seasonal flower bouquets, if you have any other suggestions or advice or ways in which you would like to see birch used let us know! We’d love to hear from you!


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