Big Apple's New Summer Collection of Flower Arrangements

Posted on June 15, 2012

Big Apple Florist is so excited about our NEW Summer Collection that it is about to go up this weekend!!! We have some really fun summer arrangements that you can send to a friend to brighten up their week, or to a girlfriend just to say "I am so lucky to have you!!!!" Here is a sneak peak of what’s to come: This is a funky twist on a modern desert, and we call her: Calla-fornia calla-fornia-flower-arrangement Everyone loves to look in the mirror during the summer when they are tan, skinny and happy to have a few beautiful days on the beach. This new piece Mirror Mirror is so unique because of this creative container. Awesome to use after your flowers are long gone for pens, hair clips, sun tan lotion, whatever! mirror-vase-flower-arrangement Day & Night is personally my favorite. It pairs together a playful flower like a sunflower with an ultramodern chocolate brown antherium. daynight-sunflower-flower-arrangment Stay tuned for the rest of the collection, which should be LIVE on Monday morning, June 18th! Have a great Father’s Day weekend!!!

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