Big Apple Welcomes the First Day of Spring in 2012!

Posted on March 21, 2012

The Springtime Psychological Effects of Color Are Intoxicating

It is officially here: March 20th, the first day of Spring! Spring is all about renewing, reawakening, reviving. As nature shakes off the grey cold of winter, so can we! first-day-of-spring-color I think our “Spring Awakening” really started last week when we switched our clocks ahead, so the workday didn’t end with darkness.  The increase in daylight tends to energize us, and I personally find myself responding intensely the spring colors’ effects on my mood – from the pops of green-gold on Forsythia bushes in the park, to the bright green spring bulb planting in my neighbor’s window box. Could it be that colors really have a psychological effect?

Spring Awakening! How Color Effects Mood

color-effects-moodArtists and interior decorators often use the effects of color to enhance moods in the home. Springtime flower arrangements offer you the opportunity to bring a whole variety of these colors into your house.  Here’s how to choose the right flower colors to effect your mood this spring:
  • RED: Red is a provocative, bright, and stimulating color. Use red flowers in your home to increase the dynamism in your home.
  • ORANGE: Another energetic color, orange promotes excitement and enthusiasm.
  • YELLOW: Yellow flowers tend to reflect a lot of light, and so can be fatiguing to look at for long periods of time. Some people think the color yellow can create feelings of frustration, so use it wisely!
  • GREEN: The color green inspires health, which is why every spring flower arrangement should incorporate a little greenery.
  • BLUE: Some say that blue increases productivity, which may be because it’s the color of calmness and serenity. It can even help lower the pulse rate and body temperature.
  • PURPLE: Purple is a regal color, and can represent wisdom. It’s also a rarer color in nature, so purple flowers can seem more exotic.
At the Big Apple Florist shop in Midtown, we are constantly surrounded by color and I can feel its effect on my moods every day. The flower cooler reminds me of the moment in “Wizard of Oz” when the film shifts from black and white to Technicolor — except it’s scented too (Smellovison!).  Highly fragrant mini spray daffodils in vibrant yellow, frilly Sweet Peas in deep purple, vibrant hot pink, Hyacinths in lavender, peach, purple, and yellow!  Wow! first-day-of-spring-arrangement

First Day of Spring Activities: How to Welcome Spring in NYC

I welcome you to join me in welcoming and appreciating spring this year.  Work these “First Day of Spring” activities into your day and take full advantage of the colors during beautiful New York City season!
  • Walk to the next subway stop and check out all the outdoor plantings along the way.
  • Don’t sit at your desk and eat lunch - sit in the pocket park on the corner.
  • Visit a florist, the farmer’s market or a garden center and get a lovely flower or blooming plant to enjoy!
  • Reconnect with color and focus on the things that renew your spirit!
Let Big Apple Florist help add spring color to your day!  We can help you choose the right colors to effect your mood, whether you need more green, more orange, or more purple in your day. For inspiration, browse through our fresh new “Spring Collection” online! Or, give us a call directly for your own spring floral arrangement. (212) 687-3434

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