Big Apple Florist’s Most Memorable Moments in NYC Flower Delivery

Posted on May 25, 2011

Most people choose to send flowers using traditional NYC flower delivery, and then there are those few people who have arrangement or delivery requests that are a little bit…strange. Here, we’re sharing some of Big Apple Florist’s most memorable NYC flower delivery stories:

NYC flower delivery in a banana costumeDid Someone Order a Banana?

One of the strangest NYC flower delivery experiences we’ve had was when a customer called up and asked if we would deliver flowers to his girlfriend while wearing a banana costume. We said we would be able to do so if we could find a store that could rent us one. After searching all over the city for a banana costume (which cost him an arm and a leg), we found one! Our delivery driver graciously put on the costume and delivered a beautiful dozen red roses vase arrangement to the customer’s girlfriend, who loved the flowers as well as the costume.

Boy’s Best Friend – Delivered!

Another strange NYC flower delivery request we once had was a customer who asked us to deliver a puppy in a gourmet basket to her son. The woman explained that her son had wanted a dog for his 9th birthday, and that he could get one if he did well in school. After working incredibly hard for the whole year, he got all A’s. She brought us an adorable golden retriever puppy, which we placed in a basket with a ribbon around its neck. When we delivered it the boy was ecstatic, and said it was the best gift anyone could ever give him!

NYC flower delivery - plus a golden retriever puppy!Are There Ever TOO Many Flowers?

Yet another strange request we once received was after a gentleman ordered flowers for his mother for Mother’s Day. He ordered NYC flower delivery of a big, beautiful flower arrangement to her for being such a wonderful mother. The day that she received the flowers, she called to explain that there were too many flowers in her vase arrangement and that we “ripped her son off by giving her too many flowers”! We explained that we would be happy to pick up the arrangement and replace it with a smaller one, but instead she told us that she would just find places around her apartment to distribute the bouquet after she separated it out. Several days later, she called back to tell us that she got many compliments on the arrangements by friends who dropped by! In the end she was very pleased, and told us she would call Big Apple Florist the next time she needed NYC flower delivery. We love what we do, and we love making our customers happy – we try to fulfill any request they may have! Have your own “special” NYC flower delivery request? Give us a call at 212-687-3434 and we’ll make it happen for you!

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