Big Apple Florist Welcomes Georgeann to Our Blog!

Posted on July 22, 2011

I recently rejoined the team here at Big Apple Florist and I’ve been entrusted to become the next Big Apple Florist Blogger. I hope in the coming months to educate, inform and entertain you! I am passionate about flowers and I love to share my enthusiasm, so I am going to try to use this blog to introduce the general public to the fascinating world of flowers and plants. About me: Since 2003 I have worked in many aspects of the floral industry from sales, to design, to management. I first worked at Big Apple in 2007 as primary flower buyer and a floral designer. I left for a few years to try out some other flower studios, recently even making the excursion out to the farthest reaches of northern Queens! And now I've happily returned to Big Apple Florist. I’ve had lots of different floral jobs, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and insight. My favorite aspect of my work, besides just seeing the flowers, is working with customers. I like to get to know people, so I can try to create an arrangement that is really going to make the best impression. Why did I become a florist? I became a florist a year after my wedding. My New York wedding florist, Jill Chaffin of Sea Cliff, used her creative gifts and outstanding communication skills to create a wedding bouquet that could only belong to me, and she ultimately inspired me to pursue a career as a florist in NYC. After my wedding was over, I think I just wanted a reason to continue thinking about the point that I would sit in the flower and gardening section of bookstores dreaming over design books. I can't wait to get started writing for our blog! Next week, I’ll be sharing some things I learned from my wedding florist Jill on my own wedding day - things that I still use today when I’m working with clients to create the perfect wedding flowers.

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