Beautiful Flower Wallpaper

Posted on October 29, 2010

It seems that wallpaper is making a comeback. Let me clarify: floral wallpaper for walls is experiencing a serious revival. Remember wallpaper?? The interesting, patterned-alternative to plain, ordinary wall paint? It seems that floral wallpaper designs are turning up in the chicest of addresses as a customized, personalized trademark of taste.  It seems it’s wallpaper’s role to create that soft ambiance that’s somehow missing in many rooms. Whether it’s the cooler weather settling in that makes us turn our attention to decorating our interiors or the upcoming holidays lurking right around the corner, flower wallpaper designs are becoming the hottest trend of the season.

Beautiful Flower Wallpaper in greens and purples set behind a rich deep purple chair and a green lamp

A New Take on an Old Favorite with Floral Wallpaper Designs

The resurgence of pretty flower wallpaper has arrived with some interesting color palettes and patterns.  Color-trending includes turquoise, deep reds and the more traditional black and whites. The patterns remain large…with lots of detail and attitude. No dainty, miniscule prints in sight. Even the contemporary take on vintage flower wallpaper has the dramatic twist of a larger, bolder design…often with the modern twist of a hint of metallic added for that bit of bling. It’s definitely not your grandmother’s wallpaper. Vinatge flower wallpaper - big huge pink and white flowers, very mod look It may seem unconventional but the old rule of never mixing two patterns (or textures) together no longer rings true in modern decorative design….or fashion, for that matter. These days, it seems that two patterns can be combined if: a)      They have a similar color palette b)      One is a subtle pattern and the other is bold c)       Both are subtle patterns This means that you can absolutely consider incorporating a bold red and metallic gold flower wallpaper design into that guest room with the chili-red plaid comforter set. The decorating police will not be breaking down your door, I promise. It’s rather freeing to have so many textile options available to choose from. Introducing a floral design into a room is a great way to bring the beauty and harmony of nature’s blossoms into your home to be appreciated and enjoyed all year long.

Pretty flower wallpaper in pinks and purples set behind a clayfoot tub with big open windows

Taking Baby Steps When Selecting Floral Wallpaper for Walls

If you don’t think you’re ready to dive head-first into four walls of serious, all-out, floral overdrive, you may want to consider a floral wallpaper border as an alternative. This will give you the opportunity to experiment with the world of floral wallpaper designs with a minimal amount of wall-space commitment. For anyone who thought they weren’t that into wallpaper, I suggest you take another look. Today’s floral wallpaper designs are fresh, bold and make a powerful statement in any space. They may be just the visual, decorative pop you’ve been looking for. Modern flower wallpaper design of small delicate pink flowers on tree branches set on top of rich brown background

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