Beach-Inspired Summer Floral Centerpieces for a Visual Vacation

Posted on July 29, 2011

When the thermometer goes above 80˚F, I become an insane, rage-filled lunatic. The subway makes me angry. Walking down the street is a test of self control. Understandably, the latest heat wave in the Big Apple has been a real struggle for me, and many New Yorkers share my pain. I find myself longing for a beach day – soft sand, cool water, and a fresh ocean breeze – not to mention a tall, icy cold, potent, tropical drink.

beach floral arrangementsAt least as a florist in NYC, I can find a daily escape in vibrant cool color of fresh summer flower bouquets (and a walk-in cooler). Here are some tricks you can use to get the same effect, creating a beach-inspired look for a summer floral centerpiece or a tropical oasis on a corner of your desk to keep the dog days of summer at bay.

Design Tips for Cool, Beachy Floral Arrangements

  • Use a seaside color palette – aqua, turquoise, sea foam, sky blue, deep ocean, sand, sun, clouds, sunset, sunburn…and don’t forget the rainbow of beach balls and umbrellas.
  • Play with natural textures – grasses, sand, seashells, pebbles, rope, canvas, and burlap.
  • Echo the sparkle of the sun on the sea with reflective elements like silver, gold or sea glass.
  • Use regional, seasonal flowers like Hydrangea or Dahlia to create a Nantucket-like feeling.
  • Use summer flowers that look like sea-creatures, like this spiked pincushion protea!
Looking for some summer floral design inspiration? We love Coastal Living, and I personally subscribe to Martha Stewart’s “60 Days of Summer” newsletter (my guilty pleasure). For some really groovy beachy accessories, visit a home decorating shop like CB2 and pick up some gorgeous sea glass vases. Add a simple sprig of grass and a calla, and this seaside summer floral centerpiece would be a welcome summertime visitor on my desk.

A Perfectly Refreshing Summer Floral Centerpiece

Big Apple Florist features a lot of our own summer floral centerpiece designs to bring the beach into your home or office. We make use of the refreshing palette of ocean, sky and sun colors to create these fun summer arrangements, incorporating seashells, sea glass, and elements that remind us of grassy sand dunes (plus, one that reminds us of how nice it feels to take a cold shower after laying on the dunes all day). All our beachy floral arrangements are available at online at

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