Another wedding success at Alpine Country Club

Posted on July 16, 2009

The elegance of the flowers matched the elegance of the venue.

 Alpine Country Club update

We wanted to keep you updated on A Wedding at the Alpine Country Club in N.J. we had spent months preparing and planning for. After many trips to this beautiful  New Jersey country club and help from the amazing bride, Karen, we pulled off another great job! 

So, here are some images of how it all worked out.

The Alpine Country Club was the perfect atmosphere and definitely came together with our perfect touch of elegance.  We have gotten rave reviews from both Family and the venue.       The end result of months of work and planning. With guidance along the way from the bride, the floral arrrangements were a big hit. Another beautiful table set-up                  
The months of planning and prep work paid off when the big day arrived.

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