Allergy Friendly Floral Arrangements

Posted on May 19, 2015

SPRING WEATHER CAUSING ALLERGY MISERY FOR MANY - ABC News We'd like to thank Dr. Clifford Bassett for mentioning Big Apple Florist in his recent ABC segment on selecting flowers that are allergy friendly! We pride ourselves on helping our customers choose gifts that will fit the needs of a wide variety of allergy sufferers. Lilies, asters and highly fragrant flowers can be problematic for those among us who suffer from pollen allergies and asthma. We suggest that whenever you send a gift to a loved one take a moment to consider their needs and give your florist any details that you can about their conditions. We enjoy being able to suggest allergen friendly options such as orchids, green plants or gourmet gift baskets! Allergen Producing Floral Dianthus Green Trick, Lilac, Tulip, Snapdragon, Peony and Vanda Orchid Pictured above you can see an array of floral some more allergen friendly and others that allergy sufferers should steer clear from. The dianthus (and most carnations), snapdragon and vanda orchids are good choices for an allergy sufferer, whereas the lilac, tulip and peony can cause irritation for those who have sensitivity. In general terms the biggest offenders are scented lilies and highly fragrant flowers for irritation. But, there are some forms of lilies which are unscented and provide a great alternative without causing excess allergies. Orchids and carnations are two categories of floral that are top choices for the majority of allergy sufferers. In either case give us a call and we can walk you through the ins and outs of gift-giving!

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