Administrative Professionals Day: Flower Arrangements to Say Thank You

Posted on April 21, 2010

So you have this great administrator that can keep track of a hundred things at once, keep you organized in your day-to-day tasks, and takes on so much responsibility that they are a key staff member in your business.  You could not be without your administrator and in fact, you might fall apart if you did not have them there to coordinate your daily meetings, go through your checklist, and keep you on target each day.  Dedication and determination are the necessary skills of today’s administrators and the responsibility of the job can be incredibly demanding.  This week is Administrative Professionals Day, also known as National Secretary Day.  There are over 4 million administrators working in the United States.  On top of that, many administrators have additional support staff that they oversee to help get the daily goals completed.  Administrative Professionals Secretary Day is the perfect time to thank that incredibly admirable and outstanding employee.  What is the best way to do this?  Send a floral arrangement that is as unique and spectacular as they are.  Here are some suggestions for how to send that thank you floral arrangement to your administrator.

administrative professionals day tulip garden flower arrangement

Secretaries Day Flowers Upon Arrival at the Office

How to impress that person that impresses you all the time?   Have a fantastic arrangement waiting for them when they get to the office this week.  Imagine how happy they will be to see you express your appreciation to the whole office.  A stunning colorful arrangement will be admired and cherished all week long.  Flowers are a great way to delight and honor on National Secretary Day.

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Send a Floral Arrangement to the House for National Secretary Day

Is your administrative professional a more subtle person?  Perhaps they already know how much you appreciate them and are such a team player that they would not want to be singled out in the office environment with a big bouquet of flowers.  In that case, send a unique arrangement to their home for Administrative Professionals Secretary Day.  Here the flowers can be enjoyed in the comforts of their own space.  Fresh flowers bring in the warm and aromas of spring, and while they bring cheer to the home, they will bring joy and acknowledgment to your administrator.

Professional Administrator’s Deserve the Best

Roles have changed dramatically for today’s Administrators.  Not only do you need to be personable and gregarious, but you also need to be able to multi-task and keep track of not only your own schedule, but everyone else’s.  It is a fast-paced world we live in and these important staff members deserve a great gift this Administrative Secretary Day that shows them just how much you respect their contributions to your business.

national secretary day short and sweet roses

Did You Forget About Administrative Professionals Day?

Time flies these days and it is easy to let special events fall out of your radar, especially when you are used to having your administrator keep track of your schedule.  As one of the most recognized office holidays, you are afraid you may have missed your chance to say thank you.  Don’t despair, it is not too late, our New York City Florist Shop can get those floral gifts delivered to your administrator before Administrative Professional Week ends.  Just give us a call and we can get the perfect arrangement together for the Administrative Professional in your life.

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