A Wish for New York City after Hurricane Sandy

Posted on November 9, 2012

Like a true “New Yawker,” Big Apple Florist seems to carry the message “The Show Must Go On!” And although it seems trite, we perform a special service. People still appreciate the gesture of flower delivery in New York. I’ve spoken to so many people over the past week who were so thrilled to be able to use flower delivery in New York for those affected by the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. New York City people are still enjoying birthdays, celebrating anniversaries, and trying to make each other smile.

Positive Thoughts & Prayers to those affected by Hurricane Sandy in New York City & Everywhere

Our hearts go out to all the people who lost their homes in Hurricane Sandy and all the people who are suffering from lack of electricity and heat. I write now as the latest nor’easter blasts sleet and snow on our already cold and waterlogged New York City. I wish Mother Nature would give us a break.

Big Apple Florist Continues Flower Delivery in New York

Luckily, Big Apple Florist did not lose power during Hurricane Sandy, and the New York City team was able to regroup, show up and keep life going. Personally, I am filled with gratitude to have my work and the sense of normalcy to show up and do my job amidst the aftermath of this devastating storm.


I wish this “Mr. Sun” actually radiated heat and light I would send to all.

The best way to restore our city and our state is to keep moving and keep the simple, friendly things in focus. Sending a sweet notion through flower delivery in New York can mean a lot to someone. We also encourage those who can to:

  • Help your nearby neighbor
  • Volunteer if you have time
  • Donate if you have money
  • Keep sharing your energy & showing up for your life
Yet again, I am in awe of the beauty of New York City and the power of flower delivery to inspire and heal! If you have someone in mind who could use a beautiful bouquet to brighten their day, consult the expertise of a New York City florist. Contact Big Apple Florist—we’re happy to help!

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