A Winter Wonderland of Wedding Flowers

Posted on September 28, 2010

I can’t say I was one of those brides who had every detail planned out over years of idea-collecting and picture-saving.  I knew I wanted my wedding to be in the winter, I knew I wanted the venue to look like a winter wonderland of wedding flowers, and I knew I wanted to have trees involved.  Working at a floral company and overseeing tons of corporate events as well as weddings, you would think I would have had a better idea of what I liked and what I didn’t like. When the time came and I started to plan my wedding, I really needed some guidance.  I sat down with Abu, our creative director, and we concluded that we wanted the flowers to be the prominent design component at my venue.  After a long period of trial and error, Abu came up with many unique concepts, and finally I settled on this one.  I wanted the flowers to be traditional in terms of color, but as for design we decided something creative, architectural, and modern.  I told him I wanted the floral décor to be striking but simple and elegant, and I think he hit the nail on the head.  I compiled some pictures of some of the primary floral concepts from my winter wonderland wedding so you can see some examples of the incredible work our professional floral designers can do! White gardenia, hydrangea, ranunculus, and stephanotis make up this winter wonderland flowers bouquet

Winter Wonderland Flowers:  From Bouquets to Chuppah’s

For my bridal wedding floral bouquet, Abu used gardenia, hydrangea, ranunculus and stephanotis.  It took him about 45 minutes to make.  I thought it was lovely, traditional, simple- just what I wanted. Here is the chuppah my husband and I were married under.  While Abu and I were coming up with ideas for winter wonderland trees and flowers, I had told him it was important to me that an element of outdoors was present indoors and I think the chuppah is a great example of that.  Using wisteria branches, lush hydrangea, roses, and helleborus, my chuppah, in my mind at least, was phenomenally beautiful.  He told me it took 7 people to make this and it took them 4 hours to make on site!  Prior to that, in order to actually build the structure it took about 4 days! Wedding chuppah uses wisteria branches, hydrangea, roses hellebrous woven together for this winter wedding wonderland Close up of wedding chuppah for winter wonderland flowers

Wonderland Wedding Flower Centerpieces

For the card floral table centerpiece I wanted something simple yet prominent in size.  I also wanted it to reflect just a taste of what was to come for the reception flowers.  This took about 1-2 hours to make and what I loved so much about it was in the vase there was a floating phaleonopsis orchid atop of a lush hydrangea head.  It was so elegant! Floral table centerpiece on the round card table in the wedding entrance way I love this! My winter wonderland flower centerpieces were very important to me, I didn’t want anything traditional and it was a lot of trial and error with Abu and I coming up with ideas until we finally got it.  I think they were outstanding and these were incredibly difficult to make according to Abu.  He says it took him about 3 hours per centerpiece to make sure it was sturdy. Wonderland wedding flowers tall stunningly table centerpieces of white flowers and birch branches with place settings on round tables with chairs Again, coming back to the notion of bringing the outdoors inside, Abu suggested we create our own trees.  Using birch as the trunk of the tree, Abu used white quince branches to create a winter wonderland tree effect that looked like it had snow on it (my wedding was in January).  At the base of the tree he used hydrangea and orchids.  These trees were lined all around the space and were spectacular!! Tucked in the corner of the room and delicately lit a tall birch tree and floral wonderland wedding arrangement Close up of winter wonder wedding table centerpiece with birch tree branches and white flowers This is a close-up of one of the table centerpieces so you can see the detail that went into each and every one of these incredible winter wedding wonderland works of art! Close up of white roses and hydrangea make up this winter wonderland wedding arrangement With tall, striking centerpieces on each table combined with candles galore and smaller floral arrangements, the room glowed.  Combined with birch branches, bark, and birch trees, my white and birch floral arrangements gave me exactly what I always wanted: my winter wonderland wedding. Centerpiece of birch branches and balls of white flowers for a winter wonderland wedding Birch trees and delicate white flowers accent the inside of the vase for these winter wonderland wedding flowers

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