A Well Deserved Holiday: Secretary’s Day Flowers, Arrangements, and Gift Ideas

Posted on April 4, 2012

celebrate-administrative-professionals-day Everyone starts somewhere – whether you were doing hours of filing, coffee runs, picking up dry cleaning or drafting emails. You mostly likely supported someone when you first started work, and maybe that’s how you ultimately made it to the top of the ladder. Now that you’re the boss, remember that every great leader has a fabulous support team underneath them. That’s why Secretary’s Day (which is now knows as Administrative Professional’s week) was created in 1952. The idea was to recognize the importance and value of these support roles in the workplace and encourage more people to become administrative assistants. And so, during the last week of April, we traditionally take the time to appreciate all the hard work our office support staff do to help us each and every day.

Should I Buy Flowers for My Administrative Assistant?

Of course you should! New York City offices today are especially busy, and sometimes it’s hard to stop and smell the roses – or in other words, just say “Thank you!” to that amazing assistant you have in your office. In some cases, office executives lean on their assistants so much that they earn the title “work wife” or “work husband.” If this sounds familiar, it’s in your interest to make sure you pull out all the stops this Administrative Professional’s Week.

Fantastic Administrative Assistant Day Gift Ideas For Every Manager

If you owe your administrative assistant, BIG TIME: If you’re a boss who’d be utterly lost without your administrative assistant, be sure to send her fresh flowers on Monday morning the week of April 23rd, so everyone in the office can see you appreciate all the work he or she does all year long. You can also plan a lunch at a nice restaurant near your office, someplace they usually wouldn’t go. More than one administrative assistant? Make a luncheon out of it! You’re the boss, so why not? secretarys-day-flowers If you have several administrative assistants: Make sure they all feel equally appreciated and send Secretary’s Day flower arrangements to each one. If money is tight, spring for something on the smaller side – at the end of the day, it really is the thought that counts and a little bit will go a long way. It should only take you a few minutes to order flower arrangements for your administrative assistants, and you can order in bulk for a reasonable price. secretarys-day-flower-trio administrative-assistants-day-trio

Additional Secretary’s Day gift ideas:

secretary's-day-flowers For plant lovers and gardeners, go for a garden bouquet. The “Spring Garden” arrangement below includes beautiful flowers such as hyacinth, daffodils and tulips that all grow in a garden during the spring time. We basically cut everything, and bring the garden to his/her desk! Your Secretary will know you listened, and little things like this go a long way to show you appreciate them.  To say thank you to a Superstar, go bright!Jolly Rancher” and “Spring Surroundings” are both big, bright pieces that everyone around the office will definitely notice. You’ll look like the best boss on the floor!
"Jolly Rancher"
Have you ever heard the expression “Happy wife, happy life”? That applies to the people you work with sometimes too, especially when you spend 5 days a week, 9 hours a day with them. Take the opportunity this Secretary’s Day (or Administrative Professional’s week, if you will) to show your administrative assistant how much you appreciate their time and help. Shop online, or call us directly! 212-687-3434

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