A Wedding at the Alpine Country Club in N.J.

Posted on July 2, 2009

The Step by Step Story in Flowers turning the Alpine Country Club into a Bride's Dream Wedding

Planning and prep for setting up a wedding is just as important and the special day itself.  We recently prepared for a wedding at The Alpine Country Club in New Jersey and no matter how lovely and professional a space, which the Alpine Country Club most certainly fits into that description, planning is still most important.

Planning for Karen's Wedding at The Alpine Country Club

Karen was an amazing bride to work with; very detailed oriented and she knew exactly what she wanted which we really do love! The planning for the wedding began about a year and half before the magical day.  We had helped Karen plant her Engagement Party at the Penn Club and once that event was a great success, we knew it was time to start planning the wedding at the Alpine in NJ.   

Checking out the Space at the Alpine Country Club

First we talked about the venue at the Alpine Country Club, then Karen's colors and flower choices.  Abu, our Floral Guru, and Lauren, our Event Specialist, drove out to Alpine New Jersey to do a walkthrough of the space at the country club.  It truly is a magnificent space. They talked about different ways of setting up the space. A great space like the Alpine Country Club allows so many different possibilities such as should the ceremony be inside or outside; by the pond or on the grass? These questions and many more others regarding using the space at the Alpine Country Club, the bride's and Groom's preferences, and the logistics of the flowers; all need to be considered and are part of the planning process

Getting Ready to Set Up the Alpine Country Club

After months of planning, the week before the wedding was finally here and it was time to make the bride and grooms fairytale come to life!!

Building the Chuppa for the Alpine:

This was difficult as we needed to build something that was portable as Karen wanted the Chuppa moved after the ceremony to the reception area of the Alpine country Club as a backdrop for the wedding cake. Being able to use this beautiful and impressive piece twice over is a great touch and adds extra elegance to the room itself. Some of the prep for the Chuppa happens at Big Apple Florist, but the actual finish work and construction has to happen at the Alpine country Club. Never try to Move a finished Chuppa long distance!

The Wedding Centerpieces for the Alpine Country Club

We wanted the wedding table centerpieces to add the perfect touch of elegance to the room at the Alpine.  Creating the fourteen wedding table centerpieces all the same takes time and has to happen one step at a time, over and over again, fourteen times!

Moving to the Alpine Country Club

We all met at the Big Apple Florist shop at 9am sharp.  We had to pack up the truck and start to head out to Alpine Country Club with plenty of time to account for traffic and other acts of nature.  There is no excuse when working a wedding to have the wedding planning fouled up! For us, when we are traveling to a wedding outside of New York City, it is very important that we have enough hands to help out and we are not missing anything!

We got to the Alpine in NJ and unpack the Wedding Flowers

We like to work at Big Apple Florist seamlessly and without getting in the way. There is so much going on right before a wedding that being professional and being able to complete our tasks without getting in the way of others crews is very important to create less stress for all involved.

The Chairs at the Alpine Wedding

Part of the design plan for the Alpine, was the perfect bow for each chair for the ceremony and reception.  Karen's wedding was not small, so that is a lot of bows on a lot of chairs! We needed lots of hands to help.

Decorating the Pews at the Alpine Country Club with Flowers

More flowers are the perfect touch to add to the end of every other isle at the wedding. It's the ability to go the distance with style and grace that can really set a wedding apart. Come back next week to see what the wedding at Alpine Country Club looked like when all the prep was done!! It was truly breathtaking!!!

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